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What does MonkaW mean on Twitch?


MonkaW is used during high-tension moments in a Twitch stream, usually, a bit after the MonkaS emote was used prior.

MonkaW is typically used at high-tension times in a Twitch stream, generally after the MonkaS emote has been performed.

MonkaW is used before MonkaS since it is a ‘evolved' version of the MonkaS emote. In case you've forgotten what it implies, it's used (usually spammed) in high-stress situations.

Whenever anything tense happens on a Twitch stream, the chat will begin spewing MonkaSes. If the tension persists or increases, the MonkaW emote will be utilized as a follow-up.

In terms of design, the MonkaW is a zoomed-in version of the MonkaS emote, implying that we are now in greater misery than previously.

Origin of MonkaW on Twitch

User VoparoS_ uploaded MonkaW to BettertwitchTV and Frankerfacez in 2017, only one year after MonkaS was uploaded to both emote libraries.

Better Twitch TV and FrankerFacez are Twitch emote libraries, in case you didn't know. They are available as a browser plugin and allow users to utilize additional emotes than those offered with Twitch.

MonkaW is a Twitch emote in the W emote series. W emotes are variants of a single emote, in this example the MonkaS.

MonkaS debuted on BetterTwitchTV/FrankerFacez in 2016, but it wasn't widely recognized until 2017, when Forsen's conversation made it popular. Following that, as the popularity of MonkaS grew, the Twitch community recognized they needed an evolved emote to represent EXTREME agony, thus the MonkaW was born.

How to get MonkaW emote on Twitch

Install the Better Twitch TV browser plugin if you want to watch MonkaW on Twitch. There is a separate article dedicated to BTTV installation

Visit Choose your browser and install the browser extension to see the emotes on compatible Twitch channels.
To customize your BTTV settings, go to the chat of any Twitch broadcaster (they don't have to be live) and choose chat settings, where you may customize your BTTV settings.
If you want to add the MonkaW and other emotes to your OWN Twitch channel, join in to BTTV with your Twitch credentials and authorize your Twitch account. Then, go to the emote list and add MonkaW to your Twitch channel.

Following that, your viewers will be able to utilize the MonkaW emote on your Twitch channel if they have BTTV installed as a browser extension (which the majority does already anyway).

Origin of Pepe the frog Meme

Pepe The Frog is an anthropomorphic frog created by Matt Furie that first appears in the 2005 comic ‘Boy's Club.' Pepe became an online meme after Matt Furie shared the cartoon on his Myspace site in 2008; it rapidly went viral and was republished on 4chan. By 2015, it had become one of the most popular internet memes, with several versions of the frog appearing online.

Pepe the Frog had become a symbol of the alt-right and white supremacy groups by 2010. Matt Furie has now sued a number of similar radical organizations for seeking to profit on his illustration.

Matt, on the other hand, applauded the usage of Pepe the frog during the Hong Kong demonstrations.

The use of Pepe the frog and monka emotes on Twitch has nothing to do with alt-right activities.

According to the website Stream Elements, MonkaW is the 16th most popular/used emote on the streaming website as of 10/12/2019, making it one of the most popular versions of the original emote FeelsGoodMan, which both feature Pepe the Frog.

The MonkaW emote is most often seen in the chatter of video gaming channels, where it is very popular.

When to use MonkaW on Twitch

You should use the MonkaW emote in times of great distress, usually after you’ve already used the MonkaS emote prior.

Has something stressful occurred that caused the chat to spam MonkaSes? And the situation has just gotten even more stressful? It’s time for the MonkaW!

monkaW chat

The right time to use MonkaW

It would be best if you utilized the MonkaW emote when you’re in a lot of pain, usually after you’ve used the MonkaS emote.

Has something stressful happened that prompted MonkaS to be spammed in the chat? And now the situation has become even more stressful? It’s MonkaW time again!

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In order to see MonkaW appear on Twitch, you need to have the BTTV or frankerfacez browser extension installed.

MonkaW was never an emote on Twitch. You can only see MonkaW when you have the Better Twitch TV browser extension installed.

MonkaW was briefly removed from BTTV in the past but was later re-added. We have no idea why it was removed and aside from speculation, there is nothing conclusive we can find on the subject.

You can read this term and emote as: “mon-ka-W”.

We have a separate article dedicated to the installation of BTTV.

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