Is your affiliate marketing business growing rapidly, but you can't keep up? Keeping track of all affiliate links and their performances can be a tall order, especially if you have websites and online stores to manage. 

That's why external help is in order, or in other words, it's time to install a WordPress affiliate plugin.

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WordPress affiliate plugins can help you manage affiliate links, track their performances, and generate quick statistics. While these services come at a price, they're worth every penny because they'll allow you to work with more customers and make your life easier.

But what is the best WordPress affiliate plugin to use in 2023? Follow us as we give you the answer.

Affiliate marketing has the potential to be a lucrative and rewarding way to earn money online. But it can also be overwhelming and time-consuming if you need the right tools and resources. That's where these plugins come in.

I've spent countless hours testing and researching different options, and I've narrowed it down to the plugins I believe are the most user-friendly, reliable, and effective.

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned affiliate marketer, I'm confident you'll find something on this list that will make your life easier and help you achieve your goals.

What to Look for in a WordPress Affiliate Plugin

Before we delve into deep details, you should know what to look for in a WordPress affiliate plugin to know which one is best for your needs. Here's a list of the essential features to consider when choosing a plugin:

  • User-friendly interface: for any affiliate plugin to be considered among the best, it should have a user-friendly interface that's easy to use and navigate. Working with a cluttered and complicated interface can deter people away, especially beginners.
  • Automated processes: affiliate plugins with an automated processes feature will make your life easier as they can send automatic emails to customers and affiliates, send out payments, and perform other essential functions.
  • Payment options: WordPress affiliate plugins should have flexible payment options like the ability to pay through online wallets and various pricing plans to accommodate every need.
  • Customization features: plugins that let you customize emails, designs, messages, cookies, and referral links will help you market your business better with minimum effort and time.
  • Integrations: the best WordPress affiliate plugins always have integrations with third-party apps like Google Analytics, Events Manager, PayPal, WooCommerce, Amazon, and more.

Here Are the Best Affiliate Plugins for WordPress

Now that you know what to look for in your WordPress affiliate plugin, it's time to tell you our top picks.

1. Lasso WP

When it comes to WordPress affiliate plugins, there are a few that can compete with Lasso WP. It's an all-in-all affiliate tracking tool that can mask URLs, customize displays for products, manage referral links, and give you important statistics about their performances.

The plugin utilizes Google Analytics to generate insights and track clicks. On top of that, it allows you to import affiliate links from other plugins. Its linking strategies meet Search Engine Optimization (SEO) standards, and it works relentlessly to fix any bugs.

With Lasso WP, you can easily add affiliate links within your dashboard, and you can transfer any link data from other affiliate plugins like Pretty Links.

So if you work with multiple affiliate programs and you're tired of using spreadsheets, then I recommend using this WP plugin to manage affiliate links.

Key Features

  • Can mask URLs, manage links, and customize product displays
  • Generates insights using click-tracking features of Google Analytics
  • Has SEO-friendly linking strategies
  • Integrates with Amazon
  • It lets you group and categorize links according to type
  • It gives you insights into referral programs you might be missing money from.
  • Get free video tutorials on how to use CSS for their product display boxes


Lasso offers 3 pricing plans, Essential, Advanced, and Portfolio.

  • Essential: $39 per month for product displays, link monitoring, and product data (1 website only)
  • Advanced: $99 per month for Essential plan features, free site licenses, and early access to new features (3 websites only)
  • Portfolio: $299 per month for Advanced plan features and customizable integrations (up to 10 websites)
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Alex's Take

Lasso WP has become an invaluable part of my WordPress toolkit. With it, effectively managing and tracking affiliate programs is a breeze. Plus, the cost pays for itself.

2. Affiliate Booster

Affiliate Booster

Affiliate Booster is on our list because of its impressive product display features and ease of use. It was designed with beginner affiliate marketers in mind. It has a user-friendly interface that takes no time to learn and editable controls to help you get the most comfortable experience possible.

The affiliate plugin offers more than 20 ready designs to help you market your products better through boxes, buttons, and tables. It's also mobile-friendly, so you can use it anywhere at any time.

Although this plugin is only for WordPress sites, you can learn a lot about what type of designs convert. So I'd recommend checking this tool out as an affiliate marketer.

Key Features

  • User-friendly interface and editable controls
  • More than 20 readymade product designs
  • Computer and mobile-friendly
  • Customizable product displays for better marketing
  • Suitable for both beginners and professionals


Affiliate Booster offers 3 pricing plans. The first works for one site and costs $39 per year. It's suitable for beginner affiliates still taking baby steps in the field.

The second works for 25 sites, making it more ideal for experienced affiliates, costing $49 per year. The last works for 50 sites and is suitable for the gurus of the field. It costs $69 per year.

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Alex's Take

Affiliate Booster is an excellent plugin for affiliates who want to increase their ROI for their blogging business. You can create high-converting display boxes for any situation.

3. Affiliate WP


With Affiliate WP, you can track affiliate links, get reports on whether your affiliate program is working, and send out payments with one click.

The plugin is ideal for vendors who work with multiple affiliate marketers simultaneously, as it offers a customizable affiliate dashboard and management features.

Additionally, Affiliate WP also generates coupons, banners, landing pages, QR codes, emails, and more marketing tools to help you reach customers better.

This is the best affiliate plugin to manage affiliates and track referrals.

Key Features

  • Fully customizable affiliate plugin
  • Easy affiliate management
  • Easy payments
  • Supports more than 30 languages
  • Includes a smart fraud detection feature
  • Create shareable referral links for your students and clients


Affiliate WP offers 3 pricing plans, Personal, Plus, and Professional.

  • Personal: $299 per year for 1 site, unlimited affiliates, payouts, referrals, creatives, and more.
  • Plus: $399 per year for 3 sites and Personal plan features
  • Professional: $599 per year for 10 sites, Plus and Personal plans features, and 17 premium add-ons.

4. Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect is a WordPress page builder that can give you impressive designs and catchy layouts in a few seconds. It's one of the best WordPress affiliate plugins for visuals, and it was designed with affiliate entrepreneurs in mind.

The plugin builds pages with one goal: to get as many conversions as possible. It has more than 300 landing page templates that are fully customizable according to your needs. It's your go-to choice if you want to build high-converting sales pages and homepages.

I use it on my site; without it, I wouldn't have the affiliate system I have now. This Suite of tools allows me to create blog content, product boxes, and unique web pages. They also have an amazing community of bloggers who will be more than happy to answer questions when stuck.

Key Features

  • More than 300 landing page templates
  • Creates high-converting pages
  • No coding needed to build website pages
  • Generates mobile-friendly content
  • Build Affiliate Display Boxes
  • Create custom post filters


Thrive Architect offers 3 pricing plans, Thrive Suite, Thrive Architect, and Thrive Architect+Optimize.

  • Thrive Suite: $299 per year for 5 websites and access to 9 WordPress plugins.
  • Thrive Architect: $97 per year for 1 website and access to 2 WordPress plugins
  • Thrive Architect+Optimize: $167 per year for 1 website and access to 3 WordPress plugins

5. Affiliatable


Affilitable is the ultimate WordPress plugin for creating high-converting product boxes and tables. You can use it to develop pros & cons tables, comparison tables, and more.

The plugin integrates with Amazon for easier importing of product details and provides real-time tracking of clicks on each affiliate link. It targets customers based on their locations and boasts a multiple CTA feature to help you work with as many affiliate partners as you want.

Key Features

  • Creates high-converting product tables that rank on SERPs
  • Integrates with Amazon
  • It has a multiple CTA feature
  • Reaches customers through geotargeting
  • Compatible with multiple platforms


Affilitable offers 4 pricing plans, Basic-Single, Pro-Single, Pro-Plus, and Pro-Advance.

  • Basic-Single: Free for 1 website, 100 product tables, and geotargeting
  • Pro-Single: $49 per year for 1 website, unlimited product tables, live chat support, schema-optimized content, and more.
  • Pro-Plus: $149 per year for 5 websites and Pro-Single features
  • Pro-Advance: $249 per year for 15 websites and Pro-Plus features

6. Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO

Any successful affiliate marketing program can't be complete without the Surfer SEO plugin. It's free, easy to use, and saves you tons of hours copying and pasting content for publishing. It doesn't get any better than this!

The affiliate plugin lets you publish your content directly to any WordPress website through Surfer's Content Editor page, and any images you add will also automatically transfer.

Why did I add this to the list even though it's content optimization software? It has helped me double my affiliate income by ranking my content online.

Key Features

  • A free WordPress affiliate plugin
  • Direct publishing from Content Editor to WordPress website
  • Images get transferred to the same places you put them while writing


Surfer SEO WordPress plugin is free.

7. Blogging Blocks

Start Blogging Blocks

Blogging Blocks guarantees you high-conversion rates with eye-catching table designs, various blocks to choose from, and design customization features.

With the WordPress affiliate plugin, you have access to more than 70 readymade product blocks that you can customize according to your needs.

The plugin can also customize the product tables according to your site's designs without any click from you. Finally, it can build pages with one click from you and make mobile-friendly designs to guarantee more visitors.

Key Features

  • Page building through one click
  • Fully customizable product tables and boxes
  • More than 70 readymade product blocks
  • Can generate mobile-friendly designs
  • Best for Kadence, but works with any theme builder


Blogging Blocks offers 3 pricing plans, Lite, Plus, and Unlimited.

  • Lite: $49 per year for 5 websites, block updates for a year, page building and product blocks, and more.
  • Plus: $99 per year for 30 websites, Lite plan features, and more.
  • Unlimited: $199 per year for unlimited websites plus plan features.

8. Convertkit


Convertkit is an excellent marketing tool that you can use to reach customers, generate conversations, and make more sales.

It offers a WordPress affiliate plugin that focuses on email marketing. The plugin creates capture forms to gather as many customer emails as possible and builds landing pages for any WordPress site.

Not only that, but it also allows you to customize the pages' designs according to your site's aesthetic and has a feature that lets you send broadcast newsletters to your customers through email.

Once you build your list, you can quickly grow your affiliate earnings by promoting your products and services.

They also provide a free WordPress plugin to integrate your email marketing system.

Key Features

  • Creates email marketing capture forms
  • Sends email newsletters to customers
  • It lets you customize landing pages and embed buttons
  • Create tags to see whether someone clicked your link or not.


Convertkit has 3 pricing plans, Free, Creator, and Creator Pro.

  • Free: $0 monthly for unlimited landing pages, forms, broadcasts, audience tagging, community support, and more.
  • Creator: $9 a month for Free plan features, free migration from other tools, third-party integrations, live chat support, and more.
  • Creator Pro: $25 a month for Creator plan features, advanced reporting, subscriber scoring, and a referral system for newsletters.

9. Solid Affiliate

Solid Affiliate

Designed with WooCommerce affiliates in mind, Solid Affiliate lets you manage your affiliate program quickly and smoothly through your WordPress dashboard.

It makes affiliate registrations easier by enabling you to install registration pages on your website where potential customers can quickly sign up.

With Solid Affiliate, you can promote your affiliate program through eye-catching landing pages, links, coupons, and more. The plugin also keeps track of the most successful marketing methods.

This is best for an eCommerce website, and you can track affiliate payments for each partner.

Key Features

  • Offers a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Notifies you to pay your affiliate partners their commissions
  • Keeps track of customers' clicks
  • Puts affiliate registration pages on your website to attract more customers


Solid Affiliate offers 2 pricing plans, one for store owners and one for agencies. Store owners can pay $199 per year, use the plugin on a single WooCommerce store, work with unlimited affiliates, and have access to all integrations and add-ons.

Conversely, agencies can pay $999 per year and get all the other plan features, plus the ability to use the plugin on 10 WooCommerce stores.

10. Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads was designed with one goal in mind, to generate more leads. The WordPress affiliate plugin attracts customers by utilizing efficient conversion tactics. It boasts an A/B testing feature and tracks the performance of your opt-in forms.

Not only that, but Thrive Leads also allows you to design unique opt-in forms and create targeted customer lists to help you reach more people.

This takes the cake out on all the premium WordPress affiliate plugins since it can technically pay for itself. This has increased my results for affiliate campaigns, and you can even track your impressions.

Key Features

  • Utilizes cutting-edge conversion tactics
  • Has an A/B testing features
  • Creates customizable opt-in forms
  • Creates profitable customer lists


You can get Thrive Leads WordPress plugin for$97 per year and use it on a single website. Alternatively, you can get a package of 9 plugins, including Thrive Leads, for $299 per year. The latter is called Thrive Suite plan, allowing you to use plugins on 5 websites.

What Are the Best Free Affiliate WordPress Plugins?

We've got your back if you don't have enough budget to pay for an affiliate plugin. Here's a brief list of the best free affiliate WordPress plugins you can find.

Thirsty Affiliates


Thirsty Affiliates is a free plugin that can generate affiliate links, track customers using geotargeting, give you performance stats, and track clicks using Google Analytics.

It's a pretty decent alternative to costly plugins but lacks integration with popular online affiliate platforms like WooCommerce.

This makes managing affiliate links easier without hurting your pockets, so use this tool to turn your ugly affiliate links into high-converting machines.

Easy Azon

Easy Azon can create affiliate links, build product blocks and boxes, and localize links automatically without paying a penny!

The free plugin is one of the best on the market, and it integrates with Amazon to give you automatic buy buttons. On top of that, it offers affiliate training on how to market Amazon products using keyword research.



AAWP, which stands for Amazon Affiliate WordPress, is a plugin designed explicitly for affiliating Amazon products. It partners with 14 Amazon stores worldwide, gives you readymade product boxes and tables, and creates affiliate links.

Although AAWP is available for free, it's only through illegal websites. You can get the official version at a low price using discount codes provided by the software manufacturers.


  • Yes, you can. WordPress allows affiliate links as long as the products are related to your blog's content and your generated content is unique.

  • Are Affiliate Marketing Plugins Worth It?

    Affiliate marketing plugins are worth it if you create your own affiliate program and want to work with many affiliates. They help you generate more leads, add affiliate links to WordPress websites without a fuss, pay commissions, and more.

  • Can Affiliate Plugins on WordPress Slow Down My Site?

    Yes, they can. All plugins, in general, can affect the speed of your website if they have extensive features. Also, the more plugins you install, the slower your website will be.

Final Thoughts

Are you creating your own affiliate program and want to know all about the best WordPress affiliate plugins? Here's a quick recap!

If you want an all-in-all plugin that can generate links, cloak URLs, create product displays, and track clicks, you can't go wrong with Lasso WP.

But we recommend Surfer SEO if you focus on generating SEO-friendly content and want to import your content to WordPress websites easily and quickly. Finally, for eye-catching graphic designs and colorful product boxes, go for Affiliate Booster.

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