Why you fail in affiliate marketing

Hello everybody! In this article we're going to discuss a very very important topic and that is why 99% will fail with the affiliate marketing in 2020 this year year. So the first thing we want to say is we are not making this article to try and scare you off or to scare anyone off. We are not trying to use fear or anything like that to be quite honest. We are actually the optimists but at the sametime we understand exactly what it takes to get from where you're at and through this eight year journey we understand what it takes to get from there to becoming a seven-figure entrepreneurs and affiliate marketers. We know how hard it is and how much sacrifice it takes and that's what we are going to share in this article. What the top two factors we think that will help someone succeed in this business and we just know that it's not easy andjust look at the statistics right you hear that between 90 to 95% of all businesses fail within the first fiveyears. Basically the numbers aren't in your favor, the truth is we just see so much of the wrong mentality and approach to business specifically affiliate marketing that's something that we really know the ins and outs of and most people just don't have it and that in order to succeed you have to be well above the average because it's not like 51% of businesses succeed and 49% fail we're talking literally a split of 90 percent versus 10%. The first question we have to ask is if 99% of people fail then why even do this the reason, why we attempt to create a business and we attempt this even though the numbers are not in our favor is for the chance the 1% chance that we can actually live a life that's above average. Just look, let's be honest, you know you get one life you get one shot at this why not make it count? That's our reasoning and that may be different your reason why may be your family it may be to provide a better life for them you know regardless of what your personal reason is. We just think that you might as well give it a shot, if you fail, then you fail and then you move on and then you move on to. Do you know the next chapter in your life and at the end of the day it's a great learning experience and I think MarkCuban put it best. He said: “You only need to be right once in business to win at life”. And that's true, you can fail literally 19 times like nineteen businesses, can just go bankrupt and you could totally fail miserably be a complete embarrassment to the peoplea round you. Maybe your family and society but you get it right one time eitherraces all those failures and you'reliving the good lifeall right so for those who are still reading this article and we haven't scared you off with the first half.

Learning something new everyday

We got a post in our Facebook group today actually and it was – guy saying you know, he wants to transition from socialmedia marketing agency to a filmmarketing, he was dealing with a lot of client hassles and a lot of issues with Facebook Ads and he just wants to switchover to the affiliate marketing because that aligns with his end goals and his lifestyle, that he desires. And you know we gotta agree we mean the passive income nature not having to deal with clients, not having to deal you know with having to do meetings and you know just basically having to work for other people. And all of your clients as your bosses is a nice luxury to have now. He was saying this list of factors like hey you know I'm going to put in eight hours a day without getting paid because I know that it's gonna pay off eventually. You know I'm willing to work harder than this and that person and to be honest with you guys like all that stuff is nice but all these subjective feelings and like I'm gonna grind I'm gonna hustle 24/7 it doesn't mean anything, it's a lot different when you're actually in the ring and it's time to put your money where your mouth is right so that's the first thing I wanna say is talk a little bit less do a lot more, but he did mention two things that I really think are factors that will separate someon. If you do these two things it's gonna set you apart from the 99% so the first factor first and for emost is skills, simple as that you need to work on your skills.

work for it
Work for it

I actually just signed up for masterclass which is this whole library of getting to learn some of the craziest things so we're talking like ThomasKeller Gordon Ramsay for cooking, AaronSorkin for writing, we're talking Scorsese for directing film and you can basically sign up for these classes, and you can learn from them in these really professional videos. So you know investing into your skills like I signed up for that and I was just watching some of those videos while I was cooking dinner and and business and personal development is not that much different. If you get better at skills and I'm talking like skills when it comes to marketing and sales, maybe it's SEO, maybe it's Facebook Ads, Instagram ads. I mean I could go all day on the skills that you can level up but someone who is leveled up and they have just all these skills is easily gonna beat out someone who just doesn't really have any real-world skills right for those people who talk the talk and they're like oh yeah I do this I do tha, but then there's the people who actually do that. And every single time you know someone who's dedicated to their craft. Let's say it's graphic design right they're gonna blow someone out of thewater and they're just going to look tentimes better their websites gonna look that much better their contents gonna look that much better now you can delegate some of the skills you don't have like first thing I'm not a goodgraphic designer so I outsource all of my graphics on and my logos to fiverr, which is a company which is the top leading market placefor freelancers on the internet and basically if there's something you're not good at doing you delegate to someone who does have that skill and businesses at them today. They're all about resources and capital that's it every business is the same you have these resources whether it's people whether it's time and energy and then you have capital which is just money right? And you need to invest these wisely to get a return and to grow. Now the second factor that he mentioned that really stands out next two skills is being willing to invest and invest time, energy but most importantly real money. Guys, we're talking about building businesses here. The amount of comments I get, they're like I want to do this because I'm broke or I want to I want to create this because I need to make money like by the end of this week. I'm like, dude don't be making a business when you are not financially secure get a job first so that you have some sort of financial security, you can pay the bills and you can feed your family and then think about starting a business okay? I mean yes, there's examples of people with their back against the wall and you know being forced to make it happen and succeeding but I don't want to see the flip side of that, if you were to failand you had people who depended on you like that's something that I would never advise and what I say is that the best time I saw a business.

Financial independence

When your financially secure and not financially independent there's a difference herek, but like when you have a job and you have steady income, your bills are taken care of and then, maybe you're looking to build something from there but I really think that you want to come from a place of stability, you don't want to come from a place of scarecity mindset. Because it's gonna creep into your business you're gonna make decisions that are scarcity based and that's not something that's going to help you grow into abundance. Eevery single day there's decisions to be made there's capital and resources to be dispersed and the people who are going to allocate more resources, because they see the long term opportunity and growth. Those are the ones who are gonna separate themselves easily from the 99%. All right guys, so that wraps up my article “why 99% of people will fail with affiliate marketing in 2020”. Again I'm not a pessimist, I am the most optimistic person. I know but I also know what it takes and what it took me, you know when, I got started eight years ago and to go from that kid to who I am today which is now a seven-figure earner. I just wrote the article I think this is my last article but I'm just gonna link it right here showing proof of a million dollars in commissions. This is my car by the way.

black audi
My black Audi.

It takes sacrifice at the other day and then again skills which I'm lucky to have built up all my skills that it took me to get to this point an investment. I invested real money from my job, I invested real money from my savings, invested real money from once my business starts to generate revenue. I took most of what we were earning and threw it back into the business reinvested so it could grow even more, so if you're willing to do those things that I just listed then chances are you have a chance at getting into that 1% and suffering yourself from the 99% but again, if you are not willing to put in that sacrifice and it doesn't have to just be financially but I'm talking time energy and then, of course financially right if you're not willing to do that then this might not be right for you, because it's not for everyone and if 99% fail then chances are you might not bein that 1% because it's a very very very rare select few but the chancegetting into that 1% makes it all worth it. So if you guys enjoyed this article, please leave a comment below. Peace!

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