What do I think about affiliate marketing and blogging affiliate marketing? Is nothing more than your acting as a middle person, you are working with vendor, you're choosing a product that you believe in. You want to promote right and maybe you promote that through your email, through online social media. Then every single time this is $100 worth of product price point a hundred dollars and then you promote it. Maybe you get a 5%, 10%, 20% commission every single time you refer someone to the vendor. And then we can purchase you earn what I call an affiliate commission. Blogging you've seen those before right, long article, short article on a simple blog or maybe a wordpress, write powered by WordPress, pretty simple. Both models are fine I mean because I do leave it both actually. I have a blog on WebbyLynx com. It's quite popular and we're adding a lot of content to it. Also, time more as a branding right, and traffic generation strategy. I don't view that as a business but for some I mean I do have a few friends who are doing quite well as a blogger may I say quite well you know. Maybe six-figure a year right there. I think you know make they make decent money that's a blogger and then you have people who are affiliate marketers, that are promoting other people's products and they do very well. They are better as a part of your strategy they are part of your maybe a secondary where for no stream versus a primary. The reason I say that, it's because let's say, you've got your own business, you're selling products, they say you're an e-commerce business okay you're selling young products, you're doing all of that and you're building a list. You could add a blog to your ecommerce store to generate more interest, to generate more traffic so that people would see your store or within your blog. If you want to, you could have Google Adsense on there, so when people who don't buy your products, not interested in your products so at least you're making revenue from Google. So that's your revenue stream, that's okay. That's free money, that's cool. Now, on the other hand, if you have an e-commerce store, where you have a lot of customers coming in and let's say you are selling survival kit, you know, with an emergency kit, maybe a flashlight little package, like that, let's say, that's what you sell online. I sell little knives right, which by the way, is a very good business, very profitable business, and that's what you're selling and you have 3 thousand customers. That you've accumulated over the years so that's good. So how can you have your primary business, but you can have a secondary business as an affiliate marketing business. Because you have all these customers so maybe then you could do an affiliate launch to your list and say “hey you know for those you bought these emergency kits survival kit from me here is some other products that maybe you would be interested in”. You know that these products are it's complementary to what you're offering. Not in competition right. It complements what you're offering and your customers were appreciated so you have your primary business that is driving the sales, but then you have almost like a secondary revenue stream. Also, a traffic generation strategy through your blog and then from time to time if you want to. You can also offer other people's products to your list to your customers. That's an affiliate marketing. So you see as a secondary revenue source, I think it's great as a primary revenue source. I think sometimes it's not so good because it takes a lot of effort to make a blog profitable. It takes a long time and you produce a lot of content, and most bloggers don't make a whole lot of money you know. Make a little bit money here and there, but not enough for them to pay all the bills to just to make a full-time living doing it or, I feel of marketing the problem with the affiliate marketing is it fluctuates. When you promote something, you make money, we don't promote something you lose money right. Unless you are promoting something that gives you an occurring income. Let's say you're promoting hosting, you're promoting something there are software that you're actually getting paid on a weekly basis, that's a different story right. But even then, and still, you need to spend money, you know, spend effort and spend time to drive that traffic. So that's still it takes a lot of effort so I like it's a secondary as a primary strategy. Let me know what other questions you might have when it comes to internet marketing, online marketing.

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