I am one of those whom the school did not suit at all, the school is good for those people who are suitable for the standard model of education. My poor dad was such a person, he graduated from the university, received a degree, but then became the head of education in the state of Hawaii, and I was gouging and simply could not stand school. I failed all the exams, I couldn’t write correctly, I didn’t remember well because I was terribly bored, and then I met my so-called rich dad, the father of my best friend. He loved to teach us through games – games are the best helpers in the learning process. When he taught children to play chess, he presented it like a real military battle. My rich dad taught me to be a rich man playing a monopoly. We could play monopoly for hours. The formula for success in order to get rich in a monopoly is 4 green houses and one red, and today in Arizona I am the owner of 8,000 premises, that is, green houses and several red hotels. I just played a monopoly in real life. This game teaches a better school. It makes me think and teaches to control emotions, because if work defeats me, I understand that I made a mistake and start looking for its causes. In addition, I am close to the spirit of the winner, it increases engagement, and this is a plus to learning. In general, never be afraid to make mistakes. Most entrepreneurs who succeed have lost absolutely everything. Henry Ford, for example, is one of the first entrepreneurs to go broke five times. Steve Jobs fired his own leadership, and Bill Gates lost a billion dollars in a case of violation of antitrust laws. My friend Donald Trump was losing billions, and I was losing millions, and that's fine. And most people are so afraid of encountering such a thing that they never try to succeed, because we are taught at school that making mistakes is bad. We are punished for mistakes and called losers, but in life everything is different. A loser is one who does not make mistakes.

The child learns to walk, falling and rising, falling and rising. It’s good that the child’s mind is clean; he doesn’t have a desire to quit this venture and, fortunately, we all walk. And at school they want to teach us how to act accurately. It was because of this that my poor dad, an academician, was not successful. He did not want to make mistakes and was afraid to make mistakes all his life. And at school they practically do not learn team play. My team has an accountant and lawyers, IT specialists. I have excellent employees and excellent leaders. But many people do not want to play in a team. In the United States there are a lot of small companies, or rather 28 million, of which 24 million fall into the category of companies without employers. That is, the whole company is one person. It is as if only one pawn stood on the chessboard instead of black or white. What are her abilities? These guys are crazy. And that’s what many people do. At school, I was very able to cooperate with classmates during the control, but at school the cooperation during the control is called “cheating”, and in real life the one who plays in a strong team wins. So first of all, you need to learn to play as a team. Many of the best students with honors studied on their own, sat separately, and when they went out into real life, they did not achieve anything outstanding. They could become good entrepreneurs, but they were not taught to work as a team at school and institute. It is a matter of upbringing, namely, team play, tactics and strategy. I learned this at a military school; I am a former marine. That is why I love to play chess so much. Many people think that they will become an entrepreneur, and I will achieve everything myself. These people studied well, took high school exams at school and tried to do everything on their own, they learned to be the smartest, and I don’t want to be the smartest, I want to have the best team. That is why I win in life. Also, I never stop learning. For me, life is an endless learning process. I constantly read, constantly develop in new directions. I spend most of my time with other entrepreneurs.

I do not communicate with people who complain about the economy, the situation in the country. Imagine. You wake up tomorrow morning and suddenly it turns out that everything is lost, there is no business, no savings, no friends and partners, in general there is nothing. There is only your knowledge and experience gained throughout your life. You can make a fortune out of this. This has happened to me more than once. It turns out that this is not such a big problem when there is no money. I don’t know what people imagine there about money, but I must tell you that there is nothing supernatural in money. Your attitude to money. I earn a lot, but I also give a lot. This originates in the biblical principle, which states: “the more you give, the more you receive.” When I meet a man who sits without money, it means that he does not give anything away. Poor people are those who create nothing and give nothing. And then the poor can argue how I don’t give anything, I’m working hard all day at the factory. It is I who create goods for such rich people as you and other people. Without us, you are nobody, but I will tell you that this is absolutely not enough. For example, an employee at an enterprise collects furniture and can collect 50 chairs per day with hard work, and the owner of the company gives jobs to thousands of such employees. It creates a lot more jobs. And in a day his company gives this world 50,000 chairs. Even the owner can donate most of the funds to charity. The owner of the company gives a lot and creates, that's why he is very rich. The more value you bring to this world, the more money you will earn. I often meet people who want to get more, but do not want to give anything back. Well, for example, my poor dad belonged to the trade union and wanted to work less, but get more at the same time, and I think this is somehow against the biblical laws. Want to get more? Create more, give more. Take on more risks and obligations. People therefore lose because they are too afraid to lose. He who avoids failures also avoids successes, and whoever creates little, receives little.

Robert Kiyosaki.

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