20 Best Bitcoin Faucets 2022: Complete Guide

Bitcoin faucets have become a popular technique to earn free Bitcoin in the modern era. You may recall that we discussed them at the start of this year.

Crypto fans the world over use them not only to earn Bitcoin by performing easy, entertaining activities, but also to become acquainted with the concept of digital money as a whole.

The bad news is that many individuals are unfamiliar with how Bitcoin faucets function, the types of activities available, how to perform them, or which faucets pay the most.

Fortunately, this post will explain what cryptocurrency faucets are and will examine some of the finest sites for earning free Bitcoin.

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What Are Bitcoin Faucets?

Bitcoin faucets are websites that give out free Bitcoins in return for basic tasks like as viewing movies, conducting surveys, or reading online articles.

Each day (or hour/minute), the faucet site will deposit a certain amount of Satoshi into your Bitcoin wallet (the smallest unit of Bitcoin). The more time spent on the site and participating in various activities, the more money you may make. However, the majority of sites will need you to wait a specified amount of time before withdrawing your money.

How Do Bitcoin Faucets Work?

Bitcoin faucets use prizes to entice visitors. Typically, faucet operators deposit a little amount of BTC into their cryptocurrency wallet (they use reliable and secure wallets such as Tezro). The wallet is linked to its respective faucet websites.

Typically, users must register on a cryptocurrency faucet. They must input their personal information as well as their wallet address in order to do so. Once a job is completed on a website, the incentives gained are sent to a micro wallet.

This wallet is identical to standard wallets, with the exception that it can store smaller quantities of Bitcoin. You are not need to create a micro wallet in order to use the top Bitcoin faucets. It is created immediately upon registration.

Once micro wallets are stocked with earned incentives, they are transferred to the user's primary wallet. Always utilize the most trustworthy and secure wallets available, to prevent losing or jeopardizing the security of your hard-earned rewards.

Nota bene: The reward amount provided for various actions on various faucets is determined by a variety of criteria, including the following:

The more frequently you can repeat an activity, the lesser the payout.

Difficulty of action: The more time-consuming and complex an activity is, the greater the payoff.

The Idea Of Bitcoin Faucets

Bitcoin faucets were conceived in 2010 by American software developer Gavin Andresen as a means of introducing Bitcoin to a wider audience. Eleven years later, the major motivation for developing cryptocurrency faucets has shifted. Owners of faucets utilize it to earn money through ad insertion. Nevertheless, they provide certain promotional and informative purposes.

Are Bitcoin Faucets Worth It?

To be quite candid, profiting with Bitcoin faucets is not as simple as it seems. You might have the greatest Bitcoin faucet applications on the market and yet struggle to make ends meet. This is not to say that bitcoin faucets are not worthwhile. As long as you're patient and utilize several faucets to accomplish chores and earn, you may make a killing with them.

If you wish to become a faucet owner, keep in mind that you will not instantly begin earning money. You must create something distinct and original in order to succeed.

Each day, new Bitcoin faucets emerge (as applications and websites), and the industry has grown excessively competitive. Only the greatest ideas will stand out. Several strategies that might aid in the success of your faucet include aggressively marketing your products or services, giving aid competitions and reward wheels, crowdsourcing, and hosting more advertising.

Best 20 Highest Paying Bitcoin Faucets In 2022/2023

There are many of these crypto faucets available today, however the majority do not deliver on their promises and some are not even worth the effort. Here is our comprehensive list of Bitcoin faucets:

If you're searching for a basic and uncomplicated Bitcoin faucet, Coinpayu is the place to go. With an intuitive layout and simple-to-use features, you can get your first free Satoshi in seconds, even if this is your first time using a cryptocurrency exchange. The platform provides users with a variety of opportunities to earn additional money, including viewing movies and doing basic chores such as completing surveys or playing online games.


CoinPayU pays out every hour with no minimum withdrawal requirement, which means that you may withdraw your whole balance at once once it reaches its threshold limit. Because all withdrawals are executed promptly and without delay, there is almost little danger involved! Additionally, Coinpayu takes pride in being totally responsive, which means that it works flawlessly on all devices and browsers.

Cointiply is one of the most well-known Bitcoin faucets. Its easy interface enables users to earn free Bitcoins by viewing movies, playing games, engaging in special offers and surveys, or simply visiting their favorite websites. Cointiply pays every hour and has no minimum withdrawal restriction, allowing you to withdraw your profits whenever they reach a specified amount.


Withdrawals are done instantly, which means you will not have to wait hours to receive your BTC! Additionally, this service is unusual in that it does not need users to provide any personal information, ensuring better privacy while earning bitcoin online!

Bitcoin Aliens is a one-of-a-kind Bitcoin faucet in that it guarantees you will receive free Satoshi every 30 minutes! Additionally, you may make additional money through their referral program. The service provides users with several opportunities to earn bitcoin through various activities like as watching movies, playing online games, and seeing advertisements.


Unlike other services that give predetermined amounts of Bitcoin for each activity, Bitcoin Aliens allows members to earn between 100 and 5000 Satoshis according on the amount of time spent on each assignment. There are no minimum withdrawal limitations, so you are not required to cash out until your balance exceeds the required minimum! Additionally, what is there? Withdrawals are processed instantly.

This is one of the most reputable and trustworthy Bitcoin faucets available today. It's been around for several years and offers to pay you every hour via its multi-level referral system, which pays up to 20% profit on each member you bring!


MoonBitcoin provides a variety of opportunities for users to earn free Satoshi, including playing online games, viewing films or advertisements, doing basic tasks like as surveys, or engaging in social media activities such as tweeting or joining groups on Facebook. Withdrawals are instantaneous. Therefore, if this is your first time utilizing our site, be assured that paying out your money will be a breeze.

This is one of the greatest Bitcoin faucets since it pays every hour and there is no minimum requirement! The service provides a variety of opportunities for users to earn bitcoin, including viewing movies, playing online games, conducting surveys, and even simply browsing the web.

Bitcoinker 2022

Bitcoinker is well-known for its simple design, which enables users to easily collect free Satoshi every hour, regardless of the size of their reward! Withdrawals are done instantly, therefore there is virtually little danger associated with using this faucet. Additionally, what is there? You are not need to wait till they amass a specified number of Satoshis before cashing out!

Binance is a well-known cryptocurrency exchange where you can buy and sell the market's most popular cryptocurrencies.

Additionally, it's one of the greatest exchanges to utilize if you're looking to get some free BTC! If you use this platform, all of your trading costs will be transformed automatically into BNB tokens (Binance Tokens), which are roughly similar to what you would have earned by just keeping Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency in that wallet.


Binance is a well-known cryptocurrency exchange where you can buy and sell the market's most popular cryptocurrencies.

Additionally, it's one of the greatest exchanges to utilize if you're looking to get some free BTC! If you use this platform, all of your trading costs will be transformed automatically into BNB tokens (Binance Tokens), which are roughly similar to what you would have earned by just keeping Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency in that wallet.

7. BitFun

This website provides members with several opportunities to earn bitcoin, including viewing movies, taking surveys, playing online games, and fulfilling social media chores like as joining groups and following certain accounts.


What distinguishes this faucet from the rest is that it does not limit itself to a single payment or two. Additionally, it has a unique lottery system that allows you to gain Satoshis every 15 minutes! The more time you spend on Bit Fun, the more likely you are to win free Bitcoin through their lottery.

8. AdBTC.top

AdBTC.top is a popular Bitcoin faucet because to its generous advertising platform, which allows users to earn up to 50% of money earned by their adverts. This site gives advertisers a variety of ad formats, including CPM, CPC, and pay-per-view choices that ensure a good return on investment.


You may earn free BTC by performing a variety of tasks on AdBTC.top, including viewing movies and clicking adverts.

Additionally, you may earn free BTC on this site by introducing other members. You will earn a 40% commission on every person that joins through your referral link and cashes out!

9. Robinhood

Robinhood is a commission-free mobile trading application that enables users to trade in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. It's one of the most popular cryptocurrency applications available today, and it simplifies the process of investing in cryptocurrencies!


When you first sign up for Robinhood, you'll receive free stock for completing their first account verification procedure, which takes less than five minutes. After that, you may begin earning freev BTC by performing basic actions such as clicking advertisements, viewing movies, and opening offers.

10. Coinbase

Coinbase is a widely used cryptocurrency wallet that enables users to purchase, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.


Coinbase's faucet offers three distinct options for customers to earn free BTC: if you share your referral link with others who sign up through it, they will reward you with $12 in crypto credit! Additionally, you may earn rewards for introducing new users using the platform's social media platforms, which include Facebook and Twitter. Finally, there are paid jobs, which involve survey completion and viewing films on finance and/or investment.

11. BTC Clicks

If you're searching for a service that will allow you to earn Bitcoins by viewing movies and clicking on advertisements, BTC Clicks is an excellent place to start. This faucet makes it simple to earn free bitcoin since all you have to do is view short video clips or click on sponsored links to earn between 0.00000220 and 0.00000050 BTC every 30 minutes!


Additionally, you may earn free Satoshi by performing tasks like as taking brief quizzes on certain items or firms, providing product reviews, and joining their Telegram group.

12. Bonus Bitcoin

Due to its lucrative referral scheme, Bonus Bitcoin is one of the most popular faucets available. If you encourage friends to join using your referral link, this site will pay you up to 40% of their profits!


Additionally, you may earn free Bitcoin by performing tasks like as viewing movies, conducting surveys, and clicking advertisements.

13. BlockFi

BlockFi is one of the most popular Bitcoin faucet applications available today. It's excellent for anyone interested in earning free Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies while on the road!


They provide a variety of ways to earn BTC, including viewing movies, conducting surveys, and testing new apps. You may expect to receive your prize within 30 minutes of beginning to use their site. Their minimum withdrawal amount is $100 and they accept BTC, ETH, and LTC as payment methods.

14. Kraken.com

Kraken is an online cryptocurrency trading platform that enables users to swap Bitcoin for a variety of different cryptocurrencies.


It's one of the finest venues for cryptocurrency traders to earn free Bitcoin by trading with their friends, family, and coworkers! Additionally, you may earn money on Kraken through its affiliate program, which pays you between 0.003 and 0.03 BCH (depending on your membership level). Finally, there is a daily reward system via which you may earn up to $50 in daily incentives simply by depositing at least €100 per month!

15. Moon Litecoin

Moon Litecoin is one of the most popular LTC faucets. Every 30 minutes, you'll be able to grab free coins!


Additionally, you may earn rewards for referring friends and family members through their referral program, which gives up to 50% compensation on each person you refer (up to 20 referrals). Additionally, they provide large incentives to visitors who trade on specific days, such as Mondays, Wednesdays, or Fridays.

16. CoinFaucet

CoinFaucet is a popular faucet that accepts Bitcoin and Litecoin payments. You will get your reward after completing easy tasks such as watching videos, clicking ads, or filling out simple quizzes.


Additionally, you may earn rewards by introducing new members via their referral program, which gives up to 50% commission on all payouts received! If you refer at least two friends to CoinFaucet, you will be placed into a daily prize draw where one member will win a whooping €500 in bitcoin each day!

17. Moon Cash

Moon Cash is one of the top BCH faucets. You may earn free coins by watching movies, conducting surveys, browsing websites, and playing games on our platform!


Additionally, you may earn rewards for introducing friends or family members via their referral program, which gives up to 50% commission on all payouts received! Lastly, they have a generous affiliate program where any member who successfully refers at least five active users will receive €100 worth of cryptocurrency each month on their Moon Cash wallet!

18. eToro

eToro is an online trading platform that enables you to interact with other traders. It is now one of the most popular cryptocurrency wallets.


Additionally, you may earn rewards whenever a new member joins via your referral link and completes his or her first transaction! Once the suggested user completes a deal, eToro will credit your account with up to €200 in cryptocurrencies! Additionally, there is no limit to the number of recommendations you can generate, which means that your earning potential is limitless!

19. Gemini

Gemini is a fully regulated Bitcoin and Ethereum exchange in the United States. It's one of the finest locations for cryptocurrency traders to earn free Bitcoin by performing basic activities like viewing movies, conducting surveys, and testing new apps!


Additionally, you may earn incentives on Gemini through its affiliate program, which pays up to $500 monthly for connecting at least five active customers. That's not all; you'll also earn a stunning 40% commission on any payouts made to recommended users you successfully promote, thus doubling your profits! Finally, you may earn rewards through their daily loyalty program, which provides users with a free entry into a daily lottery for $500 in BTC and ETH.

20. Satoshi Quiz

Apart from being one of the greatest Bitcoin games available, Satoshi Quiz is one of the most unusual Bitcoin faucets. You will receive your prize after finishing several cryptocurrency quizzes!

Satoshi Quiz Show 2022

You can also get rewarded for referring friends through their referral program which offers up to 30% commission from every member you refer. Finally, it features a daily loyalty system that rewards users with free money for accurately answering at least three questions!

Crypto Bitcoin Faucets FAQ

There are many ways to earn with Bitcoin Faucets. They include:

  • Playing games
  • Watching ads
  • Taking surveys
  • Referring others to a faucet

All Bitcoin faucets are not created equal. Some pay more than others – and those are the ones you should focus on. Some of the highest paying Bitcoin faucets include Bitcoin Aliens, Cointiply, and Coinbase.

On this list, we have outlined some of the best Bitcoin faucets with the highest payouts. Therefore, you don’t have to choose!

To increase your chances of making more profits, signup for multiple faucets and complete as many tasks as you can. Faucets are undoubtedly a no-brainer method of claiming crypto assets.

Honestly, you can make as much or as little as you want with Bitcoin Faucets. All that matters is how much time and energy you are willing to use as well as your patient levels.

Faucet owners place ads on the website in the form of videos, banners, or trial games. They then promote the faucet by publishing links on forums related websites, and blogs.

When visitors come to the webpage and perform certain actions, they get rewards while the owners get paid by advertisers or get converting traffic to their webpages.

Bitcoin Faucets - Final Thoughts

Over time, bitcoin faucets have changed, and we now have faucets that pay out in a variety of cryptocurrencies. If you're seeking for a consistent source of free money, here are some of the greatest cryptocurrency faucets accessible.

Each is distinctive in its own way and offers a varied income potential. Therefore, test them all and pick the ones that you feel would best fit your demands.

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