Want to start a blog? A self-hosted WordPress blog is the best and most popular type of blog. The tiny cost (with a money-back guarantee) makes it a no-brainer. It takes minutes to set up and no technical experience is required.
Hi there, I’m Alex from WebbyLynx.

I’ve been starting blogs since 2004. Stay away from the 10,000-word tutorials & expensive courses. Seriously. All the info is TOTALY FREE!

You need two things: self hosting + WordPress. Hosting puts your blog online. WordPress puts your words in blog form. Easily get both at once. Here’s my favorite beginner setup with the most features at the lowest cost, based on 17+ years of experience:
  1. Click here to go to Bluehost (<– that link gets you a discount) and hit the Get Started button.
  2. Select the Choice Plus plan.
  3. Enter the domain name you want to use (i.e. webbylynx.com).
  4. Enter your account information.
    Under Package Information, choose an account plan based on how far in advance you want to pay. (Remember, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee so, no risk!)
  5. Uncheck the package extras.
  6. Complete your purchase, choose a password and log in to your Bluehost account.
  7. Answer the onboarding questions, or skip them, but add a blog when asked.
  8. Don’t choose a theme now. Click the skip link at the bottom. (I explain why below.)
  9. From your Bluehost dashboard, click the WordPress button in the top right. You’ll be taken to your WordPress dashboard.
Congratulations, you have a self-hosted WordPress blog! I know what you’re thinking. 🙂 “Wait…that’s it? I have a blog?” Yep! You could absolutely write your first blog post right now (Dashboard > Posts > Add New).


Why does everyone make it so complicated?

Blogging is like riding a bike. It’s much easier once you’re moving. Learn as you go. Blogging is also like compound interest. It’s much smarter to launch sooner rather than later.

Why shouldn’t I worry about a blog theme (design) yet?

At the beginning, it is much better to spend your time on writing great content. Why? A few reasons…

  1. For traffic, you want to get on Google’s radar ASAP (it takes a while). Google cares about your words, not your design.
  2. No one will see your blog until you promote it. You don’t want to promote it until there’s something to read anyway.
  3. It’s a lot easier to get your design right once you have bulk to work with, just like a balloon’s design looks way better once there’s air in it.
    So, publish 3-5 really high-quality posts (skip fluffy ones like “Welcome to my blog!”), then pick a theme.

What’s the difference between a blog and a website?

A blog is a type of website, like a journal is a type of book. A blog has blog posts like a journal has journal entries.

Is WordPress better than Squarespace, Wix, Blogger, etc.?

It depends on what you mean by “better” but overall? Yes. WordPress (self hosted, not WordPress.com) is by far the most popular type of blog and is used by big and small bloggers alike. It dominates similar platforms like Squarespace, Wix and Blogger.

Disclosure: I am an affiliate for Bluehost, and will receive a commission if you sign up through my referral link. This is at no additional cost to you, and you will get great pricing and a free domain name through my link. This post has been included as an entry into a giveaway/sweepstakes.

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