10 Best Domain Registrars 2022 – Reviews & Comparisons

Selecting the best domain registrar is a difficult and sometimes perplexing task. Whether you're registering a domain name or transferring an existing one, it's difficult to determine which domain name provider is the finest.


Namecheap is the best domain registrar for anyone who wants the best overall domain registrar over the long haul. They are the registrar where I have my personal domains registered.

Google Domains is a great domain registrar option. You may purchase a domain name without any hassles or annoyances. It's far more easy and straightforward than any of the other domain registrars, as you're unlikely to need a new account.


GoDaddy is the best domain registrar for anyone looking to buy domains in bulk, resell domains, or is looking for an excellent short-term price.

I've been using Dynadot for year and never had any issues. This domain site is my go to for about 90% of my domain names. Their website is easy to navigate, even for beginners in the domain name trade. I would recommend this company!


Porkbun is best for anyone who likes doing business with a small, quirky company or anyone looking for a cheap domain registrar with phone support.

The considerations for a domain registrar include:

  • Your budget
  • How easy is the checkout process
  • Your domain management needs
  • One-stop shop for web hosting services as well
  • How long you plan on owning the domain
  • WHOIS protection for free
  • Renewal rates

Based on my experience dealing with a variety of domain registrars, I've compiled a list of the ten top domain name registrars that fulfill the majority of demands.

For each, I'll discuss their important advantages, disadvantages, and who they're best suited for, before concluding with a discussion of things to consider when choosing a domain registrar.

Even though they are the oldest, Network Solutions is not included on the list. They provide nothing more than a 100-year registration period. There are far more capable domain registrars available.

While domain names are a commodity, they are not necessarily the cheapest option. Each domain registrar has intrinsic expenses. As a result, there is a ceiling on cost unless they offer a domain at a loss-leader price to entice you in.

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What Are The Best Registrars?

Here are my top recommendations for the ideal domain registrar services:

The Best Place To Buy A Domain Name

I have almost all of my domains registered at Namecheap. It doesn’t matter if you are a small business or an independent contractor. I like them, but they have tradeoffs like any other registrar. But they have been consistent for more than 20+ years.

Promotion: Get A .COM For Just $0.98 From Namecheap

Best web hosting with free domain registration?

Did you know, you can get a free domain with many web hosting companies?

For the first year, many will give away a free domain name.

Bluehost is a good choice for web hosting with a free domain name. You can not only get a .com domain name but 16 other popular domain name extensions. Learn more in my Bluehost review.

Promotion: Get A Free Domain Name With Bluehost

Alex's Take

I can and will say that Namecheap is better than its competitors in terms of pricing, value, and service they offer. Not only the 1st year buy price but also the renewal prices of the domains are less. Namecheap is best when coming to domain registrations. I get a 20% discount every time while renewing my domains. They also have live chat support which saves big time.

Namecheap Homepage 702x333 1

Namecheap is a privately held and run domain registrar that was launched in 2000. They are based in Phoenix, Arizona, United States of America.

Namecheap began as a low-cost domain name registrar (as in…”cheap names”). They truly took off in the early 2010s, owing to many high-profile privacy and security problems at prominent domain registrars, as well as planned monitoring legislation in the US Congress.

They have a long history of working with Internet privacy and security organizations, as well as a dedication to transparent domain administration and pricing.

They've also expanded their product range over the last decade to include complimentary goods for everything from:

  • web hosting
  • email hosting
  • VPN
  • free logo generator

Namecheap Pricing


Consistency is Namecheap‘s core strength as the top domain registrar. They are positively ancient as a company (almost 20 years old), but have consistently maintained a leadership position in their market by solid customer service, reasonable pricing, a diverse assortment, and high-quality items. They are ICANN-accredited and offer the necessary domain services (WHOIS, forwarding, etc.) in addition to a strong complement of products.


The primary drawback of Namecheap is that they are not truly the best on any one domain criteria. They are not always the cheapest option for domain registration. They do not provide the most substantial one-year savings. They do not have the most extensive collection. Additionally, they do not offer the finest usability or domain management. They do not receive adequate help.

Rather than being #1 for one statistic and #10 for another, they are more likely to be #2 or #3 across many metrics.

Alex's Take

Google Domains offers transparent, competitive pricing for most popular domain extensions. It can be pricey for certain extensions — like .io — but it’s near or below the competition for extensions like .com and .org.

Google Domains is a service provided by Google for the registration of domain names. In 2014, the service was released in beta. The feature complements Google's Google My Business and redesigned Google Sites Website Builder.

Without a doubt, Google did not begin as a domain registrar. And I'm very certain that just a small percentage of Google employees are aware that they sell domain registration. However, Google Domain, like all of Google's other businesses, benefits from Google's resources and all of the simplicity that comes with being a Google product.

You already have a Google Domains account if you have a Google account for Gmail, YouTube, or another Google service. It is ICANN-accredited and has a straightforward dashboard and reasonable price.

Google Domains 702x321 1

Google Domains Pricing


The major strength of Google Domains is their ease and simplicity. You almost definitely already have a Google account, so you won't need to create any new passwords or usernames. Simply navigate to Google Domains and conduct a domain search.

Their user interface is clear and uncomplicated. It's simple and straightforward, with no intrusive upsells or advertising that you'll find at other registrars. The device has Google's attractive material design and intuitive use. It is present and operational. You may get a domain and maintain it effectively.


The primary problem of Google Domains is that it is not Google's primary business. It is a very modest company unit tucked away deep within the Google empire. They provide reasonable prices, but not the best. They do offer customer service, but it is not exceptional. They offer a decent selection, but it is not their primary focus. Additionally, they lack a plethora of integrated, supplementary items such as premium SSLs, hosting, and so on.

Alex's Take

GoDaddy is the best domain registrar for anyone looking to buy domains in bulk, resell domains, or is looking for an excellent short-term price.

Godaddy was the first domain registrar to become large and go public by focusing only on domain name registration. They advertise on television, in banner commercials, and during the Super Bowl – they are omnipresent and may be the most popular domain registrar.

GoDaddy is a publicly listed firm headquartered in Tempe, Arizona, United States of America. They began their operations as a domain name registrar.

Today, they are more accurately called as a “web services platform” – they provide everything from bookkeeping to website builders to hosting and everything in between. GoDaddy is an ICANN-accredited domain registrar.

GoDaddy 702x320 1

Google Domains Pricing


The primary strength of GoDaddy is its scale and brand familiarity. They frequently provide great short-term pricing promotions in addition to a huge assortment. They have one of the largest and most active secondary and premium domain marketplaces on the Internet as a result of their brand awareness and scale. If you are purchasing domains in volume, you virtually have to be a member of the GoDaddy Domain Club (which brings the best domain pricing on the Internet).


GoDaddy's primary flaws are its organizational structure and corporate history. GoDaddy is a huge, publicly listed corporation operating in a high-growth investment industry. This means that GoDaddy will suffer from all of the annoyances associated with a huge firm (phone trees, upsells, cross-sells, price changes, etc). Additionally, while GoDaddy has a new CEO and a new business plan, the corporation has a rather contentious history.

Alex's Take

Dynadot is the best domain registrar for anyone looking for a deal on a unique or popular TLD or for a specific premium domain name.

Dynadot 702x218 1

Dynadot Pricing


Dynadot provides two distinct advantages. To begin, they frequently provide discount prices on TLDs. If you're a domain investor or looking for a low-cost, brandable TLD, they're a great place to start. Second, they have a strong aftermarket domain industry, with a large number of domains available for premium purchase and auction.


Dynadot contains two significant flaws. To begin, I found their administration panel to be somewhat clumsy and perplexing in comparison to that of other registrars. Second, they don't provide many supplementary items — they just provide domain registration services.

Alex's Take

Porkbun has a well-designed user panel, great pricing, and an overall pleasant user experience. I've never had any issues. As a bonus, the piggy mascot is also cute. I recommend Porkbun as a registrar to many; it ties for my most used and personal favorite registrar.

Porkbun is an independently owned and operated domain name registrar situated in Portland, Oregon, United States of America. Porkbun was launched in 2014 with an instantly recognizable, funny brand.

Porkbun began as a domain name registrar focused on providing a high-quality product with excellent customer care and little hype. They've stayed true to that objective throughout the years, building a prosperous and stable business in the process.

Porkbun offers a variety of reasonably priced additional items, but focuses on their core service (domain names) and obsessive, small-business customer care. Porkbun is also an ICANN-accredited domain name registrar.


Porkbun Pricing


Porkbun‘s primary strength is its size and exclusive concentration on the business. They are the internet version of your neighborhood coffee shop. They lack the expensive cocktails, specials, and brand awareness associated with the large chains – yet they command everyone's respect and are the location where you're likely to recognize your barista…and even the owner.

Porkbun outperforms its firm size in terms of domain TLD (top-level domain) choices (almost as many as GoDaddy or even Namecheap). They provide highly competitive short-term, long-term, and renewal prices, in addition to some excellent complimentary services (even a free SSL certificate via LetsEncrypt). They accomplish this with the help of a strong customer service team. Their size enables them to accomplish all of this while maintaining their quality.


Porkbun's primary flaw is its small size and narrow focus. They, like your neighborhood coffee shop, will lack sophisticated beverages, specials, and brand awareness. Porkbun does what they do well. They do not have a large selection of complementary items, for example. They do not have many disadvantages.

Alex's Take

Domain.com is a good choice for anyone looking for a sale on a specific TLD / domain extension or just wants a simple, well-known company to purchase a cheap .com.

Domain.com is a brand of Newfold Digital, a domain registrar. They have a lengthy history and a well-established and renowned brand.

They specialize in domain names, offering premium acquisitions and a secondary market. They are accredited by ICANN.


Domain.com Pricing


Domain.com‘s primary strength is that they are a reputable, large brand with affordable.com domains and competitive pricing on particular TLDs. They offer a decent interface that is free of the annoyances associated with large organizations.


Domain.com's primary flaw is really connected to their domain name…they aren't particularly memorable either. They are normal large corporation “fine” – they do not have particularly good onboarding or price. They aren't terrible, but they aren't particularly wonderful either.

Alex's Take

Hover is great for anyone just looking to get a domain with no fuss, no upsells, great security, account protection, and good support when you need it.

Hover is a wholly owned subsidiary of the publicly listed Tucows Corporation headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. They specialize in domain registration and bundle value-added services (such as free WHOIS privacy protection and SSL) with each new domain.

Hover has developed a strong brand through creative podcast advertising. They've most likely been featured on shows like 99 percent Invisible and Hello Internet. Additionally, they are ICANN certified.


Hover Pricing


Hover excels with a great interface, great usability, and a commitment to data protection. They also have excellent support options.


Hover's cost for unique TLDs might be significantly higher than that of other domain registrars. And, for all their boasts about providing things like WHOIS protection with every purchase, they lack certain fundamental name administration features like email and domain forwarding.

Alex's Take

iwantmyname is best for anyone who wants a super-simple domain name registrar with no fuss and a bit of help integrating the domain with your hosting / builder / service.

iwantmyname is a New Zealand-based domain name registrar formed in 2008. They're eccentric and solely focused on domain names. iwantmyname is a wholly owned subsidiary of CentralNic Internet Services, a publicly traded company.

iwantmyname is not an ICANN-accredited registrar; they are a reseller of the CentralNic domain registrar.

iwantmyname 702x209 1

iwantmyname Pricing


The primary strength of iwantmyname is its size and emphasis on domain names. They do not provide any ancillary items. Rather than that, they focus on simplifying the integration of your domain name with your hosting / email / server / etc. via their directory of DNS records / services (aside, learn how domain names work here).

Additionally, they provide a vast number of TLDs.


iwantmyname’s main weakness is its lack of complementary products and higher pricing than direct competitors.

Alex's Take

Buying a domain with your hosting company is great for anyone who wants to buy just a single domain for a website or just prefers the convenience (or free first year) of having a single account.

Numerous domain owners will very certainly also want web hosting or email hosting (or both!). Due to the fact that a domain name and web hosting are distinct entities, you will almost certainly need to acquire hosting from either your domain registrar or a third-party provider.

I've focused on the “best” domain registrars in this article…but sometimes the greatest domain registrar for you is really your hosting business.

If you're setting up a website or an email hosting account, your web provider nearly usually provides a domain name. Indeed, many hosting firms will include a free domain name for a year with the purchase of a hosting plan — a deal that beats any domain registrar's pricing.

Numerous other web hosting companies also include a free domain name in their package. Bluehost, I've discovered, is an excellent choice for the first-time website owner who also wishes to register a new domain.


Bluehost Pricing

The .com, .net, .org, .biz & .co domain extensions are free the first year when you order web hosting.


Purchasing a domain from your hosting provider offers a few advantages. To begin, you're likely to receive a free domain for the first year of your web hosting package. Second, the process of linking your domain with your website would be simple and smooth. Thirdly, you'll just have to manage one account, which simplifies things. Now, each host is unique, and some will offer greater (or worse) benefits than others.


Now, purchasing a domain from your hosting company has a few disadvantages. To begin, their renewal fees are often more than those charged by a domain registrar. Second, their TLD choices is likely definitely more limited. Thirdly, your services are less diverse, which makes it more difficult to migrate different services (such as email, hosting, and so on) to alternative providers. Now, each host is unique, and some will have more favorable (or unfavorable) drawbacks than others.

Alex's Take

Buying a domain name from a website builder is a great option for anyone who just needs a single domain and values convenience, pricing, or selection.

With any Yearly Premium Plans you can get a free domain name with Wix. For the following domain names: .com, .co.uk, .net, .org, .art, .be, .biz, .club, .coach, .fit, .fitness, .info, .live, .nl, .online, .pictures, .rocks, .space, .shop, .store, .studio, .training, .xyz, .yoga, and .de (Germany only).

Unfortunately, Wix is not transparent in its pricing. Other than .com, pricing for the other domains is unknown, and could not find specific pricing.

Wix does not offer the ability to transfer in existing domains and in my opinion you are best to register and renew with a better registrar.


Bluehost Pricing


The primary advantage of purchasing a domain name using your website builder is its simplicity. Because your website builder already manages your hosting, website software, and software extensions, why not include the domain in the package? The majority of website builders make it quick and clear — and, in some cases, completely free for the first year.


The primary shortcoming is that you are limited to managing a single domain. Due to the fact that the majority of hosted website builders are likely reselling domains from an ICANN-accredited domain distributor such as eNom, most have inadequate renewal price and choices.

Summary – Best Domain Registrar

There are literally hundreds of more domain registrars and resellers on the market, including Hover, Google Domains, Tucows, 1&1 Ionos, Shopify, eNom, Name.com, and Namesilo.

The reason for this is that they all essentially provide the same services, and we want to make it as simple as possible for our consumers to choose the finest and most secure domain registrar without inducing decision paralysis.

Domain.com, in our opinion, is the finest domain registrar on the market for both small and large enterprises. They have the most competitive cost and have all features.

If you're seeking to establish a website, both Bluehost and HostGator provide a free domain name with their web hosting plans.

They are both among the world's greatest web hosting businesses, and they also provide step-by-step website setup for every form of website, including real estate, small company websites, and online stores.

How To Choose A Domain Registrar

A domain name registrar is any business that has an agreement with ICANN (the body that regulates Internet addresses) to reserve and administer domain names.

It appears straightforward – as if anybody and everyone could do it. However, similar to sellers of a product, you must make trade-offs, options, and considerations when selecting the best domain name registrar for you. Here are the factors that I evaluate.

Number of Domains

Are you planning to manage 100 domain names or only one? And even if you begin with one, do you intend to expand? If such is the case, you will desire and appreciate superior customer service and effective administration.

Length of Domain Ownership

In certain ways, domain name registrars act as trustees. Are you purchasing a domain name for a brief side project – or for a long-term endeavor?

Domain Management

Certain website owners enter into their domain registrar only once, make a change, and then log out. Others may appreciate a clean, efficient domain management interface more since they need to update settings more regularly for several domains; handle administrative contacts and add items to multiple domains.

Customer Support

To provide excellent customer service, it takes money. How highly do you regard it? Is live chat sufficient, or do you require phone support?

Company Reputation

Your domain provider acts as a trustee for your online identity. Do you trust them to safeguard it, secure it, and generally not take advantage of you? Do the values of a business provide insight into its internal culture? Is the corporation concerned about privacy and security – or are they simply looking for the next upsell?


In order to register a domain name, simply the ICANN fee is necessary. Everything else is up to the business model of the domain name supplier. Are you looking for deep savings or the best overall value? How much does it cost to renew a domain name? Are you purchasing on a short- or long-term basis? Do you wish to pay for WHOIS privacy protection independently or as part of a package?

Domain Transfers

If you want to quit, how quickly do you wish to do so? How straightforward do you want the domain transfer procedure to be? Is there a discount for domain transfers? Is there a simple procedure for obtaining a domain lock?


Frequently, there is a trade-off between design and functionality. Do you prefer raw features or a more attractive design? How important is user-friendliness to you? Do clear buttons and a friendly tone matter to you – or do you just want solid functionality? Are you interested in additional goods such as email, website builders, or WordPress hosting?


We've answered a lot of questions after assisting over 100,000 people in selecting the best domain registrar. The following are some commonly asked questions concerning domain name registrars.

Yes in terms of functionality and pricing, but no in terms of domain ownership. They are all required to follow the rules set out by regulating authorities such as ICANN when registering domain names on your behalf.

Registration of domain names is a commodity. Apart from small distinctions in technical assistance and additional features, each domain registrar provides identical functionality. When acquiring a domain name, it makes sense to use a less expensive domain registrar.

Numerous providers offer a free domain name (one year) when you sign up for web hosting. Bluehost is the most popular alternative that I suggest.

I suggest them not just for the free domain name, but also for their affordable pricing and reputation as a fantastic web host for beginners.

According to WhoAPI, the top five domain registrars are (in alphabetical order): GoDaddy, Namecheap, Network Solutions, IONOS, and Alibaba Cloud.

For the majority, the most popular and well-known domain extension is.com. Ideally, you should obtain a domain name ending in.com. Often, such extension is not accessible; alternative extensions include.org,.net,.co, and.biz.

Namecheap, in my perspective, has reasonable cost and services. There are other further possibilities for domain registration, and you should also consult my guide to the top domain registrars.

Nothing beats free when it comes to price. Thus, the cheapest domain registrar is Bluehost, which includes a free domain name as part of their web hosting package.

With that stated, Webbylynx customers may use our Domain.com discount code to save even more money on Domain.com, making the rates extremely competitive.

Prices for domain names vary by domain extension and registrar, but a typical domain should cost between $9 and $14.99 a year.

No, you cannot purchase a domain name in perpetuity. Domain names are registered on an annual basis. However, you may pre-pay for up to ten years, ensuring that you will hold a domain name for that length of time.

Frequently, domain registrars give substantial reductions on the first year's domain registration charge, with renewals occurring at the standard rate.

This is why, in order to optimize your savings, we propose prepaying the registration charge for 2-3 years in advance, in order to lock in your domain registration discount.

Because all domain registrars are required to follow ICANN standards, they are technically all safe. However, there are extra precautions you may take to guard against domain name theft.

For instance, by instituting Domain Lock to prevent unlawful domain transfers.

Additionally, you'll want to work with a domain registrar that supports two-factor authentication and security.

Both Bluehost and GoDaddy, in our view, are the most secure domain registrars.

If you're seeking for corporate solutions, many organizations rely on the security of Cloudflare Domains and MarkMonitor.

Yes, domain name theft (often referred to as domain hijacking) is a widespread crime. For small company owners, losing their domain name may be heartbreaking. This is why it’s important that you choose a well-known domain registrar with a good reputation.

Yes, you may use as many domain registrars as you choose. We have a variety of domains registered through a variety of registrars, including Domain.com, Bluehost, GoDaddy, NameCheap, and Name.com.

Premium domains are often domains that are owned by an existing business / entrepreneur. That individual will set the price for their premium domain.

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