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Are you seeing MonkaHmm being spammed all over Twitch and have no idea what it means? It's something we've all experienced… Everything you need to know about the MonkaHmm Twitch emote is covered in this post!

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What does MonkaHmm mean on Twitch?


MonkaHmm is a variation on the extremely famous MonkaS emote. While MonkaS is used in times of sorrow, MonkaHmm is utilized in times of ‘thinking.'

However, MonkaHmm has recently become popular when someone is acting suspiciously. If someone is being SUS during Among Us, for example, the Twitch chat will spam the MonkaHmm emote.

Origin of MonkaHmm on Twitch

MonkaHmm was initially published to BTTV in 2018 by user SarcasmDetected, only two years after the MonkaS emote and FrankerFacez became very popular in 2017 and is still one of the most used emotes on Twitch today.
MonkaS was first posted by MonkaSenpai in 2016, and it gained popularity in 2017 because to Twitch streamer Forsen's talk. Following that, as the popularity of MonkaS grew, it wasn't long before the Twitch community devised versions of this emote, such as the MonkaHmm.

How to get MonkaHmm emote on Twitch

If you want to use the MonkaHmm emote, you’ll have to make sure you have either the BTTV browser extension or the FrankerfaceZ browser extension. BTTV seems to be the more popular choice between streamers, but you’ll still be able to see MonkaHmm as long as you have one or the other. 

Installing the browser extensions is really simple, here’s how to do it:

  1. Visit the BTTV or the FrankerFaceZ websites and download the right extension for the browser you use. Once you download, click install, and you’re good to go.
  2. These extensions offer a lot of functionality aside from showing emotes, and you can explore them by configuring your settings. To configure them, just go to any streamer’s chat and click on the gear icon under the chatbox to bring up the settings menu.

You may have to refresh the page or restart your browser for the emotes to start showing up.

When Should You Use the MonkaHmm Emote?

When a streamer is deep in thought and wants to make a choice, the chat will begin to spam MonkaHmms.

Alternatively, if someone is acting SUS in Among Us (when they are most likely the impostor), you might use the MonkaHmm emote to express your suspicions in the Twitch chat.

Why is the MonkaHmm emote not working?

Remember that for emotes to work properly, both parties should have BTTV extension installed.

If it’s just one side, e.g., the streamer or the viewer, you might have a problem seeing some emotes.

On the streamer’s part, they need to pick emotes that they want to enable in their channel.

You can perform a test by inputting a chat command. If it converts into an emote, it means the streamer has installed the extension.

Origin of Pepe the frog Meme

Pepe The Frog is an anthropomorphic frog created by Matt Furie that first appears in the 2005 comic ‘Boy's Club.' Pepe became an online meme after Matt Furie shared the cartoon on his Myspace site in 2008; it rapidly went viral and was republished on 4chan. By 2015, it had become one of the most popular internet memes, with several versions of the frog appearing online.

Pepe the Frog had become a symbol of the alt-right and white supremacy groups by 2010. Matt Furie has now sued a number of similar radical organizations for seeking to profit on his illustration.

Matt, on the other hand, applauded the usage of Pepe the frog during the Hong Kong demonstrations.

The use of Pepe the frog and monka emotes on Twitch has nothing to do with alt-right activities.

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In order to see BOOBA appear on Twitch, you need to have the BTTV or frankerfacez browser extension installed.

MonkaHmm was never an emote on Twitch. You can only see MonkaHmm when you have the Better Twitch TV browser extension installed.

MonkaHmm was briefly removed from BTTV in the past but was later re-added. We have no idea why it was removed and aside from speculation, there is nothing conclusive we can find on the subject.

We have a separate article dedicated to the installation of BTTV.

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