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PauseChamp emote

PauseChamp is a variation of PogChamp which pretty much expresses the same thing. The difference is, PauseChamp has a closed mouth, which shows hesitation or suspense.

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What does PauseChamp mean on Twitch?

Much like PogChamp, PauseChamp expresses hype or an epic moment. But this emote has its mouth closed (with pursed lips) instead, making the emote seem like there is a bit of hesitation or suspense in enjoying the moment.

PauseChamp is a Twitch emote version of the ubiquitous PogChamp gesture. The distinction is that the PauseChamp emote features a closed lips, implying anticipation.

Typically, the Pausechamp emote is used before to the PogChamp emote.

This emote is not visible without the FrankerFaceZ or BTTV plugins installed.

Origin of the PauseChamp emote on Twitch

The PauseChamp emote was uploaded to FrankerFaceZ in 2019 as a version of the famous PogChamp emote by user PaulieLUL.
PogChamp, like other popular emotes, has a plethora of versions. The PauseChamp emote was designed in response to Twitch fans' requests for an emote to represent the build-up anticipation before we enter a PogChamp moment.

They utilized a screenshot from the original PogChamp video as the emote's face, in which Ryan Gutierrez is seen making the notorious facial expression after the cameraman accidently toppled over the tripod.

Twitch has replaced Ryan Gutierrez as the face of the original PogChamp emote with the face of a lizard following a string of contentious tweets by Ryan Gutierrez.

The complete reason why PogChamp was banned can be found in our PogChamp emote article.

How to get PauseChamp emote on Twitch

To utilize PauseChamp on Twitch, you must first install the Better Twitch TV browser extension. There is a separate article dedicated to BTTV installation. 

Visit Choose your browser and install the browser extension to see the emotes on compatible Twitch channels.

To customize your BTTV settings, go to the chat of any Twitch broadcaster (they don't have to be live) and choose chat settings, where you may customize your BTTV settings. You must activate FrankerFaceZ emotes in order to see their emotes.

If you want to add the PauseChamp and other emotes to your OWN Twitch channel, login in to BTTV with your Twitch credentials and authorize your Twitch account. Then, go to the emote list and add Pog to your Twitch channel.

Following that, your viewers will be able to utilize the PauseChamp emote on your Twitch channel if they have BTTV installed as a browser extension (which the majority does already anyway).

When to use PauseChamp on Twitch

Pausechamp emote is very similar or opposite to Pogchamp emote where you can spam this emote when a streamer takes a long pause or if any suspense is created.

Rest there are many situations where you can also spam with this emote when other viewers are spamming in the chat.

Few examples that I can give when to use Pausechamp emote in Twitch are.

  • The streamer stuck and hold for a longer time during the gameplay.
  • When the streamer takes a big pause during any activity like singing a song, dancing, or any other activity.
  • I have also seen many people spamming with Pausechamp emote when something goes laggy in the game or stream.

Now as you have an idea that when exactly Pausechamp emotes are used. You better use it according to the condition and situation in the stream.

Pog Variants

PauseChamp emote banned

Since the Ryan Gutierrez controversy, FrankerFaceZ has removed every emote based on the PogChamp emote and Gootecks’ face.

You can still see the PauseChamp emote on BTTV.

Are Pausechamp and Pogchamp, Twitch Emotes?

Pogchamp was a twitch global emote that was added to twitch in 2012 but unfortunately it was removed from the twitch in January 2021 because of Gootecks tweet on National riots that occurred after the US election results.

Pausechamp was never a twitch emotes and is only available with BTTV and FrankerFacez.

How Streamers can Add Pausechamp Emote to Twitch channel

If you are a new streamer then you must be updated on the best streaming time on twitch and all popular emotes, news in streaming.

If you don’t find Pausechamp emote to your channel then you first need to install BTTV extension and then add Pausechamp emote to the channel.

For installation watch the steps above and follow the steps below to add emote.

  • Open betterTTV website and click on the Emotes tab located at the left-hand top menu.
  • Now in the search box that is at the right-hand top, type Pausechamp and hit on the enter key.
  • From the results choose the Pausechamp emote and click on Add to channel.

Refresh the twitch page and the Pausechamp twitch emote should be in your channel now. If not then you can wait for some time as this may appear after a few minutes.

You can also add other related emotes like WidePeepoHappy and Nam emote through this way.

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