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There are two answers to this question. The short answer is that “pepega” is used as a derisive online term and means “retard.” Granted it isn’t the most politically correct word, but since when has that ever stopped the internet? However, the more accurate answer is that pepega is an emote of a melted image of Pepe the frog.

What does Pepega mean on Twitch?

Pepega emote is used when a streamer does something stupid on stream.

Pepega isn't the nicest of Twitch emotes, and it's commonly used by chat to mock a streamer's conduct.
The Pepega is a Twitch emote that depicts a deformed, laughing Pepe the frog making fun of something or someone.

If you don't have Better Twitch TV, you won't see the Pepega emote; instead, the Twitch chat will spew the phrase ‘MonkaS' in chat.

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Origin of Pepega on Twitch

Pepega is a Twitch emote that was first uploaded to BTTV and FrankerFacez on 4/8/2018 by user Adew.

Just like MonkaS and other monka emotes, the Pepega emote started picking up popularity once it was adopted as part of Twitch streamer Forsen‘s chat

How to get Pepega emote on Twitch

Install the Better Twitch TV browser extension if you want to watch Pepega on Twitch. There is a separate article dedicated to BTTV installation

Visit Choose your browser and install the browser extension to see the emotes on compatible Twitch channels.
To customize your BTTV settings, go to the chat of any Twitch broadcaster (they don't have to be live) and choose chat settings. From there, you may customize your BTTV settings.
If you want to add the Pepega and other emotes to your OWN Twitch channel, join in to BTTV with your Twitch credentials and authorize your Twitch account. Then, go to the emote list and add Pepega to your Twitch channel.

Following that, your viewers will be able to utilize the Pepega emote on your Twitch channel if they have BTTV installed as a browser extension (which the majority does already anyway).

Pepega used on Twitch

If you want to see a classic example of pepega being spammed in Twitch chat, watch the video below, which shows renowned Canadian streamer XQC forgetting what his native country's capital is.

Origin of Pepe the frog Meme

Pepe The Frog is an anthropomorphic frog created by Matt Furie that first appears in the 2005 comic ‘Boy's Club.' Pepe became an online meme after Matt Furie shared the cartoon on his Myspace site in 2008; it rapidly went viral and was republished on 4chan. By 2015, it had become one of the most popular internet memes, with several versions of the frog appearing online.

Pepe the Frog had become a symbol of the alt-right and white supremacy groups by 2010. Matt Furie has now sued a number of similar radical organizations for seeking to profit on his illustration.

Matt, on the other hand, applauded the usage of Pepe the frog during the Hong Kong demonstrations.

The use of Pepe the frog and monka emotes on Twitch has nothing to do with alt-right activities.

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In order to see Pepega appear on Twitch, you need to have the BTTV or frankerfacez browser extension installed.

The platform is very selective on what they make one of their Twitch global emotes. That being said, MonkaS has never been a Twitch emote and likely never will, possibly due to the other ways the Pepe meme has been used. The only way you can use MonkaS and its variation emotes on the streaming platform are through third-party extensions.

You cannot use the Pepega emote as a custom Twitch sub emote. It is a well-known and well-documented emote and its usage is limited to the extensions. Due to their rules for submitting Twitch emotes, you would not be able to upload the emote as your own.

Pepega is most commonly pronounced either as “peh-peh-guh” or “peh-pay-guh.”

The Pegega emote is just another example of how internet culture is willing to use anything to express their irritation with a streamer or other platform users, by spamming this popular emote over and over to express without words that someone is stupid. For san.

We have a separate article dedicated to the installation of BTTV.

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