Keemokazi Net Worth: How Rich is the TikTok Star Actually?

As of 2022, Keemokazi net worth is estimated to be around $1 million.

Kareem Hesri, best known online as Keemokazi, is a rapper and social media sensation from the United States. He is most known for his TikTok fanbase, which has surpassed 20 million followers as a result of the various hilarious pranks and sketches he does in his videos. Additionally, Hesri has published a number of songs, including Philosophy, Feel, and Foreign. Keemokazi’s net worth is projected to be at $1 million as of 2022.

Real Name Kareem Hesri
Net worth
$1 million
November 29, 2002
Birth Place
California, USA
Relationship Status
Single (probably)
Source of Wealth:
Rapper and Social Media Personality
Last Updated:

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Keemokazi Early life

Kareem Hesri is of Arabic ancestry but spent the most of his childhood in the United States. As a result, he has said in his films that he does not speak Arabic fluently.

He graduated from high school but has made no mention of attending college thus far. When asked where he is presently studying, Hesri stated that he is studying pranks at the University of TikTok, indicating that he is currently solely focused on growing his following on various social media platforms for his profession as a rapper.

Keemokazi Net Worth and Career

Many people are unaware, but he was on a television drama called The Last Ship for two episodes prior to pursuing music. Hesri states that he made it plain to himself that all he wanted to do was compose music and has devoted his entire concentration to figuring out how to make it in the United States’ music industry. He began filming TikTok videos in 2019 and quickly gained around 11,000 fans. However, he eventually chose to concentrate on his music career.

Though music was his primary focus, Hesri saw that a lot of individuals were getting popular for creating amusing films. Hesri believed he could improve his videos while also use TikTok to expand his fan base. He originally experimented with a variety of other types of material, but when one of his pranks went viral, he decided to focus only on generating more of these kind of pranks.

This strategy has worked extremely well for Hesri, as he currently has over 20.7 million followers on TikTok, which he grew in less than two years. Hesri first distributed his songs via SoundCloud, but as his fanbase grew, he began creating music videos and collaborating with Spotify and Apple Music.

Hesri has amassed over 16 million views on one of the videos in which he includes one of his sisters. In another of his viral films, he plays a joke on his mother by pretending to be drunk in front of her, garnering over 8 million views.

In general, his films are lighthearted and frequently feature one of his family members. They’ve developed into characters in his films, with his mother enforcing his son’s bad behavior while his father is more relaxed back.

Hesri, on the other hand, is mainly seen pranking his sisters. Apart from TikTok, he has a Youtube channel with over 545k subscribers and an Instagram account with over 3 million followers.

Keemokazi Personal Life

Nina Hazem, Hesri’s mother, appears frequently in his films and has developed a following on social media as a result of her popularity in his videos. Additionally, Hesri has five sisters: Sophie, Sara, Serene, Saby, and Sima.

Keemokazi Net worth

Keemokazi is predicted to have a net worth of $1 million as of 2022. His principal revenue stream comes from his many social media outlets. Keemokazi earns between $8.7K and $138.4K per year from his YouTube channel alone, according to Social Blade. Apart from that, he receives money through sponsored articles and endorsements from a variety of businesses and goods.

Keemokazi Family, Girlfriend & Relationships

Mr. Hesri is Keemokazi’s father, and Mrs. Nina Hazem is his mother. Mrs. Nina Hazem is also a social media influencer with an Instagram account called ninahazem.

keemokazi father
keemokazi's father
keemokazi's mother

He has five sisters named Sophie Hesri, Serene Hesri, Saby Hesri, Sara Hesri and Sima Hesri.

Keemokazi with her Sister Serene Hesri
keemokazi's sister
Keemokazi with her Sister Sara Hesri
keemokazi's sister
Keemokazi Family
keemokazi's family

Keemokazi is unmarried. He is not engaged and has not been seeing anyone recently. There is no indication of any of his previous partnerships.

Keemokazi Height & Weight & Physical Appearance

Keemokazi is a youthful, gorgeous, intelligent, and intelligent young man with a captivating and dashing demeanor. He possesses a robust and handsome physique with excellent body dimensions and a muscular body type reminiscent of an athlete.

He is about 5 feet 8 inches in height and his body weight is around 65 kg. He has short and stylish brown color hair and also has blistering blue color beautiful and mesmerizing eyes.


Keemokazi Facts and Information

According to accounts, Keemokazi is a multi-talented personality. He is a gifted actor, rapper, and multi-instrumentalist. He ruled millions of hearts with his fashionable appearance, adorable grin, fantastic attitude, and amazing videos, and is one of the most popular TikTokers. He earned the coveted badge for his prowess as a TikTok comic and claimed the status of crowned “muser.”

How much does KEEMOKAZI earn?

KEEMOKAZI is predicted to make $20.53 thousand each month.
KEEMOKAZI has a TikTok following of 22.81 million and has released 1206 videos. If KEEMOKAZI offered a shoutout for sale, they could expect to earn an average of 22.81 thousand per post each day. If KEEMOKAZI promoted one shoutout each day, the channel would typically earn $20.53 thousand per month. If we look at the yearly potential, this equates to $249.77 thousand in annual revenue.

Actual revenue for a TikTok influencer with a strong engagement rate may be as high as $2.08 million per month. This is because greater engagement profiles might justify higher prices. If a marketer purchases a shoutout for a low-engagement account, they will almost certainly get a smaller return on their advertising investment. However, if a business purchases a shoutout on a high-engagement account, they may notice a significant increase in interactions and transactions compared to accounts with equivalent followers. That is why the engagement rate of a TikTok account is critical. Fewer, more engaged followers are far more valuable than a greater number of inactive followers.

Extra income streams for KEEMOKAZI

However, TikTok channels seldom earn a single dollar. Numerous businesses have grown into new revenue streams. This way, if one revenue stream ceases to provide cash, the influencer still has other revenue sources to support their lifestyle. Additionally, TikTok influencers desire to establish a brand name, which exists across numerous verticals and properties. Influencers that have achieved success have diversified their money streams. These additional revenue streams might be generated by launching their own line of products, collaborating with brands, speaking engagements, giving services, or authoring their own books. Additionally, many influencers gained influence prior to TikTok through their own careers, which likely resulted in considerably more money than they would make on TikTok.

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Keemokazi FAQ

Keemokazi was born on November 29, 2002.

Keemokazi’s height is 5 feet and 9 inches.

Keemokazi’s net worth is $900,000 – $1,000,000.

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