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What does Why Do They Call It Oven? mean?

Why do they call it oven? relates to a common nonsensical internet copypasta that goes, “Why do they call it oven when you eat the food cold or hot?”

It is sometimes coupled with a Garfield comic shows Jon reaching into the oven while considering the subject.

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What's the origin of Why Do They Call It Oven??

The copypasta is based on a message from Twitter user @YashichiDSF, who asked the question on August 31st, 2013.

It took five years for the copypasta to move to Reddit, where its future popularity would be established.

How did Why Do They Call It Oven? spread?

“Why do they call it an oven?” initially surfaced on Reddit on September 5th, 2018, but it received little attention.

The meme gained popularity once it was coupled with a Garfield comic page.

On August 20th, 2019, ewaneneollav posted this on Tumblr.

The meme would grow on Reddit, Tumblr, and Twitter in 2020, creating versions and mixes with other forms such as Panzer of the Lake and Senpai of the Pool.

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