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What does He’s Right You Know mean?

“He’s Right You Know” is a frequent internet response graphic used to reinforce the opinions or assertions of other users.

Morgan Freeman is shown lifting his finger with a small smile in the picture macro, which is labeled “he's right you know.”

he's right you know meme

What's the origin of He’s Right You Know?

Although the precise genesis of the meme is unknown, the template appeared on sites such as 9GAG and iFunny as early as 2012.

The phrase, as well as the picture macro, are used to express online support for a person or even an unpopular position.

How did He’s Right You Know spread?

“He's right, you know,” would become a popular reply picture throughout time, regularly repeated on websites connected to or entirely centered on memes.

These include, to name a few, 9GAG, iFunny, FunnyJunk, Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook.

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