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What does Can I Get a Hoya? mean?

Can I get a a hoya? is a well-known call-and-response phrase that appears often in TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube videos.

While the true meaning of the term “hoya” is unknown, some think it is a modified form of the phrases “hell yea” and “hooyah” mixed, while others claim it is an imitation of a climaxing woman's moan.

What's the origin of Can I Get a Hoya??

Although the original origin of “can I get a hoya” is uncertain, numerous expressions can be assigned as predecessors.

“Hooah” or “Oorah” used to be a war cry in the United States Army, intended to build morale and get troops ready for fight.

In wrestling, a similar rallying cry arose in the 1990s, when Stone Cold Steve Austin would yell, “Can I get a hell yea?”

Screaming hoya was a popular craze in the United Kingdom at the turn of the century, laying the groundwork for the fad.

In her videos from the 2010s, Instagram influencer Alissa Violet popularized the phrase “Can I get a hoya?”

How did Can I Get a Hoya? spread?

“Can I get a hoya?” had become an internet hit throughout the years, with several Instagram videos, Vines, and TikToks containing the phrase.

In 2017, Urban Dictionary defined “Can I Get a Hoya?” for the first time.

On March 3rd, 2018, the song “Can I get a?” by the band SOYA was released. (Hoya)” was posted on Luke Harris' YouTube account.

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