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What does 228922 mean?

This 6-digit number is a hentai tag, which is a keyword- or number sequence that corresponds to certain hentai manga materials. They’re popular on hentai fan sites.

228922 is a reference to Erogros, a hentai manga with violent, cruel elements.

Such hentai tags are generally followed by a reply meme in the meme world.


What's the origin of 228922?

Erogros Vol 2 – the first number – is an anthology work created by a variety of authors.

The second number was created by an artist who goes under the moniker “JM.”

The hentai manga series contains strong shock images and should not be viewed if you are not like that type of art.

228922 Spread and Usage

Manga and anime are popular among men and women of all ages, with males being the majority of fans.

Hentai is a sexualized form of manga/anime aimed mostly towards men.

Erogros/228922’s type of hentai is only watched by a small number of people who appear to love sadistic, cruelty-based adult entertainment and severe power fantasies.

Most people come into it by mistake, and the internet is replete with warnings from those persons that if you search for it, you will be sorry.

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