Ernest Olkowski Was Right Meaning – Sign Explained


Many places had ‘Ernest Olkowski Was Right‘ written in black and white letters, piqued people's interest.

Before 2019, the sticker was ubiquitous, but many people became aware of it when one person chose to write about it.

Ernest Olkowski Was Right

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Ernest Olkowski Was Right Sign Meaning Explained

Many people notice the black and white sticker ‘Ernest Olkowski Was Right' while traveling. The inscription has caught the curiosity of netizens, who are eager to learn what it means.

For starters, many believed it was done by an activist seeking to send a message. However, no one named Ernest Olkowski came forward as a result of the investigation.

Tourists from all over the world have apparently seen Ernest Olkowski stickers. We can see that visiting results in an unpleasant black screen with a number ticking down in stark white letters.

At the time of writing, the sum is about $60 million. When you look closely and click the inspect element button, you'll discover that the number is ticking down to a certain day, March 8th, 2024, at 12:33:21.

Many individuals believe that the stickers are being distributed in massive quantities in preparation for some event. Reddit tried, but failed, to decipher the website and messages.

According to Valentina Lucchese on Reddit, “any fool who considers himself a misunderstood genius feels entitled to paste stickers on the walls of Milan.”

Because the number of stickers in Milan is growing. People may be following suit by putting their own stickers instead of the official ones.

The significance of the material and websites, on the other hand, remains a mystery. Some think it's a political date, while others think he's a charlatan spreading panic in the public, similar to the 2012 disaster fake.

Whatever it is, don't waste your time and attention on it, and leave the interpretation to the reporters.

Ernest Olkowski Countdown & Doomsday Clock

The basic black and white number on Ernest Olkowsi's website is thought to represent a countdown to a significant event or Doomsday clock.

However, according to an inquiry, nothing exceptional is going to happen on March 8, 2024. Despite the fact that an eclipse is scheduled for April 8th of that year.

Mahi-p-medium checked to see whether it was a big anniversary.

There were notable occurrences on March 8th, such as the foundation of the Arab Kingdom of Syria or the New York Stock Exchange, but none seemed to be pertinent to this tale.

Countdown number on Ernest Olkowski's webiste at the time of writing
Countdown number on Ernest Olkowski's website at the time of writing (source : Ernestolkowskiwasright)

However, presuming the number was seconds and translating it to months, it gave a period of more than two months. That implies that whatever is expected to happen at the end of the countdown is approaching.

According to one idea on Reddit, whether this is a doomsday clock or anything indicating the time of the Antichrist and the mark of the beast. The timing looks to be well timed in relation to inflation and the debt market.

It might be the treaty to war, according to that. “Revelations warn of wars and rumors of wars, and the Bible also warns of Babylon, which, if this theological idea is correct, I believe is North America.”

“America has long claimed to be the best at everything and the land of the free.” If this hypothesis is right, the Babylonian monument would represent Lady Liberty, according to the theory.

Ernest Olkowski's Biography And Career

People have been looking for Ernest Olkowski's background and career since the story of the sticker emerged.

There is an Instagram account with the same name, but we believe it was set up by a citizen looking to spread the news about the text.

When you visit the official-looking Instagram account, you'll notice a lot of cryptic and manipulated photos with text, “‘Ernest Olkowski Was Right'.


‘Ernest Olkowski Was Right' is a black and white sticker that many people observe while traveling. The text has piqued the interest of the netizens, who are waiting for its meaning to be disclosed.

There is an Instagram account with the same name, but we presume it was created by a citizen who wanted to spread the word about the text.

When you visit the official-looking Instagram account, you'll notice a lot of cryptic and manipulated photos with text, “‘Ernest Olkowski Was Right'.

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