AdSpy Review + $200 off Coupon: Best Social Ad Spy tool?

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Adspy is one of the greatest ad spy solutions available to businesses. The tool is most known for its data-driven Instagram and Facebook advertising. This Facebook advertising spy tool provides the greatest capabilities available to users in order to stay competitive.





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What is AdSpy?

Adspy is one of the greatest ad spy solutions available to businesses. The tool is most known for its data-driven Instagram and Facebook advertising. This Facebook advertising spy tool provides the greatest capabilities available to users in order to stay competitive.

AdSpy is a company that specializes in identifying veiled advertisements on Instagram and Facebook in order to provide customers with extensive information. The tool is well-known as an affiliate-friendly program with the world's largest searchable database of advertisements. Around 150+ million advertisements are available on the program, which is used by millions of individuals worldwide.

Users can simply spy on their rivals' landing sites, Ad campaigns, and competitor adverts with the application. Additionally, the tool enables users to uncover high-ranking keywords and optimize their Facebook page.

The AdSpy Facebook Spy tool will help you to find detailed answers to essential questions like:

Also, the AdSpy tool helps users with a lot of other things that are important to run a successful and engaging ad.

AdSpy Features

1. Enhanced Basic Search and Filtering

The Enhanced Basic Search function in AdSpy is famous. You may use their Advanced Filters to restrict your search results for practically any Ad.


The search criterion includes searches by:

  • Ad Text
  • Site Type
  • Media Type
  • Technologies
  • Gender
  • Landing Pages
  • Ages
  • Seen After
  • Daily Likes
  • Total Likes
  • Networks
  • Affiliate ID
  • Offer ID

You can search for a competitor’s Ad using their Ad TextURL, or their Name. Results include the Original Ad plus all the juicy details like Likes, Shares, Comments, Impressions, and Screenshots & Landing Pages among others. Get Exclusive Adspy Coupon.

Ad Text

AdSpy's database contains over 94 million advertisements. You may easily do a search for any form of advertisement and receive fast results in the blink of an eye. Using Ad Text to search for advertising enables you to discover adverts based on the term you provide in the AdSpy search box. Once you've entered your preferred term and clicked preview, a list of all relevant advertisements will appear below, and as you scroll down, you may select the precise one that fulfills your ad campaign parameters.

You can find the following details such as

  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Shares
  • Download ad button
  • Demographics
  • Likes over time
  • Landing Page details like screenshot, final URL, Outgoing links, Redirects and landing page technology.

By clicking on the arrow, you'll be sent to the original advertisement, where you'll learn which platform the advertisement is now running on (Facebook or Instagram). Additionally, you may collect information on the ad copy, the total number of activity, and comments.

By selecting the dropdown icon next to the Ad Text, you may access settings such as Comments, Advertiser Name, URL, Landing Page URL, and Landing Page Text. You may select any of these choices to search for advertisements that match the specified search parameters.

Save Search

You can store your search for future reference by clicking on “save current search” on the right above the search results. Only when you have given your search a name can it be saved. Simply click on the drop-down menu next to “select search” to recover stored searches.


As you continue to check ads, you can find an “i” symbol and an arrow on the top right corner of every ad. Click on the “i” symbol to get the complete details of the respective ad campaign. 


Site Type

If you're looking for advertisements that are only running on Facebook or Instagram, you may use this “Site Type” search filter. Simply click on the option next to Site Type after entering your search query.


You will find options like

  • Facebook or Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Instagram

Select your required Site type and you will find ads specific to that site in the search results.


Additionally, AdSpy allows you to sort adverts by gender. You may use this filter to locate advertising that are especially targeted towards males, females, or both.



This filter enables you to uncover advertisements that are specifically targeted towards members of a particular age group. You may alter the age by selecting the dropdown next to Ages. Once the age group is defined, AdSpy will output the results depending on the Ages value you choose.


Check out the below example to get a clear picture.


Daily Likes

This option allows you to filter adverts based on their daily likes within a given range. Select the desired value from the menu next to Daily Likes. AdSpy will return the results within seconds based on the value specified in your filter.


Total Likes

This is similar to the above mentioned filter. You just have to set the number of total likes and below the search box you will find the relevant results.


Media Type

This filter aids in the discovery of advertisements based on the media type. If you want to identify just the most effective video advertisements, select “Video” from the dropdown menu next to “Media Type.” You may also filter just on picture advertisements by selecting the “Photo” option from the dropdown menu. If you want both image and video advertisements, you must select the “Video or Photo” option from the dropdown menu.

adspy Media type

Created Between

If you want to find ads created between a specific date range, you can use this filter. All you have to do is to select the date range.


Seen Between

With this filtering option, AdSpy helps you to find ads seen between a particular date range. It works similar to the Created Between filter. You just have to set the date range and the tool will provide you the results based on your filter.



AdSpy is an incredible affiliate marketing tool. If you're an affiliate, you can easily identify the greatest affiliate opportunities in your network. When you select the dropdown next to Networks, you'll see around 100 networks listed. You may filter by network to get the most popular advertising and deals. AdSpy is a remarkable piece of software. Such powerful filters are not available in any other spy program.



AdSpy lets you search for ads by affiliate ID and Offer ID. It is so simple, enter the affiliate ID after clicking the dropdown. AdSpy will do the rest. In seconds you can find millions of affiliate ads.



If you're looking for advertising from a certain advertiser, this filter may be useful. You will just need to submit the advertiser's name, and AdSpy will return results including only advertisements from the given advertiser.

If you're seeking for current popular items in your area to market, you can locate advertisements on ecommerce sites such as eBay or Amazon. Simply put “Amazon” or “eBay” in the search box under “advertiser.”



With AdSpy, you may do a technology-specific search for advertisements. What a fantastic feature! The tool enables you to discover advertisements generated using certain technologies. Simply choose the appropriate technology from the dropdown menu to obtain the needed results.



AdSpy allows you to find ads only displayed in certain countries. Simply click on the dropdown menu next to “countries” to make your selection.



AdSpy has the ability to output its search results in about 88 languages. So no matter who you are and where you are, using AdSpy you can get the most out of your competitors’ strategies in any language you want.



AdSpy also helps you to find ads based on the CTA buttons used in other Facebook or Instagram advertising campaigns. In the dropdown, you can find several labels used in CTAs among which you can select your preferred one.


Each filtering option has a reset button, which you may use to begin a search from fresh.

Once you've set the necessary filters, perform a search. There may be some commonalities amongst the top-performing advertisements. If you discover a trend, continue your search by refining it. Additionally, you learn about goods that have received both favorable and negative feedback from their target demographic.

You can even sort your ads based on the following:

  • Date (recent on top)
  • Date (oldest on top)
  • Likes
  • Love
  • Haha
  • Wow
  • Sad
  • Angry
  • Shares
  • Longest Running

2. Extensive Data

AdSpy's primary selling point is its massive ad database. Every day, AdSpy monitors over 12 million advertisers. With Facebook advertising becoming more expensive by the day, it's wiser to spy on successful advertisements and items with Adspy.


With this wealth of data at our disposal, we can confidently state that AdSpy seldom skips a beat and always provides you with the precise landing page.

Indeed, this quantity of data is quite useful when it comes to scouting for new “potentially hot” items and hidden micro-niches. Here's how to identify “possibly hot” goods for effective Facebook advertising.

While smaller spy tools can handle popular items, you'll need a more comprehensive spy tool to uncover niche products that no one else is aware of.

3. By Affiliates for Affiliates

It is no secret that AdSpy is created to appeal to Affiliates. Affiliates are the largest market for Spy Tools and AdSpy tries to address their concerns.

For starters, an affiliate need an advertisement that converts as quickly as feasible. Thus, the ability to search for Ads by Affiliate Networks is a significant benefit.

Additionally, you can conduct a search using the Affiliate ID or the Offer ID.

Downloadable Landers, Graphics, and Redirects are included in the results. Additionally, AdSpy includes Cloakers to ensure that your searches and results are transmitted without error. Regular Monthly Price: $149 – Now Just $74 per month with adspy coupon

How fast is Adspy Support?

Adspy support is really fast. For a great tool like this, the reply time or turn-around-time must be around 24 hrs but I was really amazed by their average ticket reply time. It was instant in a few minutes.


While AdSpy does not give live help to its consumers, the company does offer various additional benefits to its customer base. When it comes to response time, the AdSpy customer care service is really prompt and swift.

Whatever type of question you have, simply submit an email to the contact team; it's completely free. There is also an other contact number, however we found that emails are the best choice due to the speed with which they respond.

Another advantage of the program is its 24-hour money-back guarantee. As a result, if you are dissatisfied with the tool, you may instantly submit an email.

AdSpy Pricing + Exclusive AdSpy Coupon Code

Although AdSpy does not provide a free trial period, it does give free credits. We deemed AdSpy's price to be the best in comparison to its competitors since it is completely transparent to its consumers. There is just one subscription option available at a cost of $149 per month.


Each penny spent on the tool is worth it because of the features. You can also cut down the cost and save more by using our AdSpy discount coupon. The features included in the subscription are as follows:

How to start your first search on AdSpy?

If you are a beginner and looking forward to starting with the software, here are a few steps for your reference:

  • Visit the Adspy official website and create an account by clicking on “Get started.”
  • Just after you have successfully created your account, log in again by entering your username and password.
  • Copy the URL of any Facebook ad you wish to explore in the search box, and make changes in the filters accordingly.
  • The results of the copied URL will be displayed below the search bar itself.
  • If you wish to save the search results, select the “save current search” option, and start labeling your search.
  • For restoring the saved searches, click on the drop-down menu located just next to the “select search” option.
  • Examine any specific ads by looking at the various ads displayed according to your search criteria. You can even see more relevant ads by merely adjusting the search term.
  • Click on the top right corner of every ad to view the complete ad copy, volume generates, comments, and engagement.
  • One can even find the top affiliate network in the AdSpy dashboard. Click on any affiliate network to see which affiliate offer is promoted by that network on the social media platforms.

Through these steps, get undue advantage in the free trial period itself, and after that, use our exclusive AdSpy coupon code!

AdSpy Pros and Cons

If you're still confused whether AdSpy is worth it, here is a brief pros and drawbacks list to help you decide…

AdSpy Pros

AdSpy Cons

AdSpy 🆚 PowerAdspy

PowerAdspy is one of the greatest Facebook ad spy tools available, allowing you to identify the most effective Facebook advertisements currently running. The PowerAdspy tool reveals all of your rivals' critical social media advertising techniques.

You may utilize these social media advertising methods to develop your business's success formulae. By contrast, AdSpy enables you to monitor your competitors' Facebook and Instagram advertising operations.


However, we still prefer AdSpy over PowerAdspy since it is less expensive. In comparison to AdSpy, PowerAdSPy costs $349 per month, whereas AdSpy costs $149 per month.

AdSpy 🆚 BigSpy

AdSpy is the largest searchable database of Facebook and Instagram ads. They've got thousands of ads from all over the world so that you can save a fortune on testing campaigns. You'll discover compelling new campaigns that are perfect for your business or product.


With their advanced search options, it takes only seconds to locate precisely what you're looking for – whether that's a certain country's audience or people with specific hobbies.

On the other hand, BigSpy is the most affordable and comprehensive ad spying technology on the market.

Bigspy homepage

It gives daily updates on fresh ideas or niches that are being tracked by a large number of people. BigSpy is the answer to all of your marketing troubles.

As we all know, every marketer wants to know what their rivals are doing, and BigSpy is the most affordable and free ad spy solution available. BigSpy will locate all the advertisements that are being tracked and will save you time.

AdSpy 🆚

Our AdSpy review demonstrates that AdSpy enables you to discover and evaluate the most effective advertisements in every category! Ads may be searched and filtered by country, category, and kind.

AdSpy is the most effective tool available for advertisers and marketers to locate the information they want. AdSpy is the best choice whether you're seeking for daily bargains or fresh leads for your business.

AdSpy enables you to do more efficient market research by locating the optimal advertisement for your business's needs. Gain access to Facebook and Instagram advertisements that work. Determine the optimal campaign your rivals are running, perform market research, and anticipate the next big thing.

Simultaneously, Visto is the premier social intelligence platform for marketers and entrepreneurs interested in tracking their competitors' marketing initiatives.


Visto's social intelligence tool enables you to get a competitive edge and expand more rapidly than ever before. Simply enter a few keywords to see which advertisements are performing well for your rivals, and then download their landing pages and ad content.


Hopefully these FAQs address any last concerns you have about AdSpy

It is the leading ad spy tool that helps you to discover winning ads, products, etc. With AdSpy, you can easily filter through a database of thousands of ads that will help you grow your business.

Adspy has more than 100M+ ads database having an addition of freshly brewed ads daily. So there is huge inventory of ads and there is no content fatigue.

Adspy Provides data like Landing Pages, URL’s including redirection URLs, Demographics, and Technology used in the competitor websites.


Without a doubt, you may observe Ecom winning advertisements on Shopify, Woo-Commerce, and other platforms. Consider the following example of a Wristband Hand Sanitizer Dispenser, which is a viral product that was initially caught by Adspy Tool. Consider this advertisement.

No, Not At all. Other Spy Tools are priced at $150+. Adspy’s regular price is $149 per month. But If you use our Adspy Coupon Code it’s just $74 per month. This is a Limited Time Offer!

Yes. Use this Adspy Coupon Code “ADSPY75” for $75 Discount & “MEGADSPY” for $50 Discount

Yes. Use this Adspy Coupon Code “MEGADSPY” for $50 Discount for 3 Months. You Save $150

Yes, There is an Adspy FREE Trial of 2000 Views. Enjoy Spying your competitors for FREE.

A user can get a 50% discount on the actual price with our exclusive “WEBBYLYNX” AdSpy coupon code. You can use this code just after utilizing your free trial period!

AdSpy - Final Thoughts - Is it Worth using AdSpy?

In a word, we believe that AdSpy is the finest spying tool that a corporation can have. AdSpy is a searchable database of Facebook and Instagram advertisements that can be filtered by term, location, date, and company.

It has powerful search and filtering capabilities to assist users in swiftly locating what they're looking for, as well as a straightforward user interface.

It's tough to choose the finest native advertisements spy tool among the many available, but it becomes easy when you examine the features and results thoroughly. If you are an affiliate marketer, this is also your best option.

In general, the tool produces the greatest results when customized plans are purchased. Even though the pricing is slightly more, we have some incredible AdSpy discounts! Take it and simply let your job to accelerate.

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