KashKick Review 2022: Is it a Legit Survey Site?

KashKick Review

KashKick is a relatively new technique to generate money online. It allows you to fill in surveys, view movies, and perform activities as a real method of getting money. KashKick also has a low payment threshold of just $5. You can also download a KashKick app on your iPhone or Android smartphones to simply make money on the move and cash out using PayPal.



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What is KashKick?

KashKick is a completely free online rewards program that compensates users for completing surveys and other tasks.

This platform strives to make it as simple as possible to participate in rewards programs. Apart from surveys, the organization offers video viewing and game play.

It offers a broader range of money-making opportunities than some other reward systems, such as Survey Junkie, which focuses exclusively on survey-taking.

Kashkick also includes a few more revenue-generating capabilities, such as earning prizes for online shopping (more on this later!)

If you're acquainted with gpt websites such as Swagbucks and MyPoints, Kashkick will feel quite familiar and may be worth adding to your collection of money-making websites.

How Does KashKick Work?

KashKick allows you to:

  • Find and complete surveys and watch videos
  • Watch the earnings grow in your account
  • Cash out quickly, easily, and often

Like other rewards websites, making money with Kashkick is pretty simple once you sign up and learn how to use the website.

It works in six simple steps:

  1. Sign up for Kashkick
  2. Complete your profile
  3. Answer paid surveys
  4. Complete paid shopping offers
  5. Refer friends
  6. Read paid emails

Answering surveys is the main way to make money with Kashkick, but overall, it’s a fairly versatile rewards platform with a few ways to earn.

Time to break down each step and how Kashkick works in greater detail.


To join up for KashKick, visit www.kashkick.com and complete the brief registration form at the top of the page.

To sign up, all you need is an email address and a password. Regrettably, you cannot join up with Google or Facebook.

Kashkick provides you an email confirmation when you join up, which you must click on to activate your account.

Simply note that Kashkick is now accepting members from the following countries:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • United States of America
  • The United Kingdom

Additionally, you must be at least 18 years old to register for Kashkick.

Once you've verified your account, you'll have full access to Kashkick's website, however you'll need to finish filling out your profile before you can begin earning money through surveys.


As is the case with Survey Junkie and other survey services, you must submit more information in order to complete your profile.

This helps Kashkick connect you with more appropriate surveys, and they actually give you a $1 extra for completing this step!


In your profile survey, Kashkick asks questions about your:

  • Age
  • Ethnicity
  • Household composition
  • Education level
  • Income
  • Zip code

As is the case with Survey Junkie and other survey providers, you must complete your profile by submitting more information.

This assists Kashkick in connecting you with more relevant surveys, and they even reward you with an additional $1 for completing this step!


Kashkick alerts you when you are matched for a paid survey once you finish your profile. Available surveys are shown under the surveys category.

Kashkick answer surveys 1

As with Prolific, another paid survey and research company, you will only be invited to surveys for which you are a suitable fit.

This eliminates the need for you to complete a slew of questions just to discover that you are ineligible for the survey and face disqualification.

That is a critical element to consider while using survey websites, since you might end up wasting a lot of time.

Earnings from Kashkick surveys vary according to the length of the surveys.

The first survey I was able to complete earned $0.75 and took around five minutes to finish. The duration and compensation rise from there, but most polls will pay between $0.75 and $2.

Ensure that you complete the profile questions, since you will be unable to participate in surveys if you do not.


At the top of the KashKick interface, you'll find a “Offers” option that allows you to make cash by completing various offers.

In a nutshell, you create an account with particular businesses and get incentives as a result. Kashkick receives commission on these referrals and divides the revenue with you.

Some of the most popular offers include:

  • Signing up for new services
  • Playing games on your smartphone
  • Shopping online

For instance, if you open a new Credit Karma account, you will get $2 as a reward.

Kashkick has partnered with a variety of banking institutions, streaming services, mobile games, and even passive income programs such as MobileXpression to reward you for experimenting with new products or services.

These rewards range anywhere from $1 all the way up to $40 just to sign up for an app or website.

Kashkick also pays you to play games and has numerous mobile games you can download, level up, and earn cash from.

Some popular games on Kashkick include:

  • Billionaire
  • Coin Master
  • Harvest Land
  • Kings Throne
  • Kings of Avalon
  • Mafia City
  • Scrabble Go

To earn money for playing mobile games, you often need to accomplish a specific level or in-game milestone; hence, this method is comparable to that of other paid gaming applications such as App Flame or Mistplay.

Certain games have rather high system requirements and even urge you to pay in-app purchases to meet them, which is a disadvantage of Kashkick. After all, there is no purpose in investing money in a game in order to profit if you are essentially breaking even.

However, if you're going to play mobile games or interact with Kashkick's partners, you may as well be compensated.

Given that Kashkick offers far fewer cashback opportunities than applications like Drop or purchasing sites like Rakuten, it's worth experimenting with many reward networks to see which pays the most.


Utilizing Kashkick's referral program is another option to earn money.

As with other beermoney websites, referrals may be rather beneficial if you have a large network of contacts or operate a blog or YouTube channel.

At the top of the menu, there is a “Referrals” option that allows you to copy your Kashkick referral link and email it to friends.

If a buddy joins, you will receive 25% of their profits.

Additionally, you earn 5% of lifetime earnings on downline referrals made by your own referrals.


You can see how advantageous the referral program is if you know anyone who is interested in generating money online in this manner.

However, that is the difficult part, isn't it?!


Finally, you may earn money with Kashkick by reading compensated emails.

Kashkick promises that once you activate your account, it will send you periodic paid emails.

When I signed up, Kashkick sent me an email to activate my account, but I haven't gotten any paid emails yet.


KashKick Reviews: Is KashKick Legit?

KashKick is a genuine firm that pays its members, and so is not a scam. With a Trustpilot rating of 3.9, the majority of reviewers believe that this is the only place to go for paid surveys. Others mentioned it's an excellent method to earn some more income in your leisure time.

However, KashKick, like any other website, receives its share of criticism. For example, one user reported it's quite tough to obtain a $10 reward. Others believe it is a complete waste of time as well.

Who is KashKick For?

KashKick is designed for people who wish to engage in a range of activities while earning additional income.

How Much KashKick Points are Worth?

KashKick does not pay using the points system. Instead, it rewards in real cash.

How Much Can You Make from KashKick Online Surveys?

While this varies by survey style and time, the majority of KashKick surveys pay between $0.50 and $2.00.

As a casual KashKick user, you may expect to make between $5 and $50 each month. Some months may earn you nothing, while others may earn you $100.

In general, it's difficult to rely on sites like this to deliver consistently in terms of daily earnings.

Because surveys are the primary method of earning money with Kashkick, the amount you earn is highly dependent on the amount of time you spend doing surveys.

Kaskich's referral network and offer wall can assist you in earning money more quickly, although this is a very situational benefit. Additionally, you may be dissatisfied with the items, services, or games under the offers area.

Thus, I believe Kashkick is a tiny side job at most, comparable to other paid survey websites.

Expect that this website will not enable you to quit your day job, but if you want to earn money doing surveys in your leisure time, it's worth checking out.

KashKick Hacks

  • Take all the surveys you are sent
  • Set up your email for survey notifications
  • Completely update your profile
  • Accurately answer the profile survey questions
  • Make sure you are honest while taking surveys

How to Redeem Points with KashKick?

Once your account balance reaches a minimum of $10, you can request a withdrawal using a confirmed US Paypal account. Payments are normally received within 1-3 business days.

One thing I appreciate about Kashkick is that you are paid in cash, not through some strange points system or some obscure term.

Additionally, Kashkick informs you of the compensation rate for things like as taking surveys or signing up for projects, so you know what you're getting into.

Kashkick rewards customers with PayPal currency and requires a minimum withdrawal of $10.

Kashkick rewards

You may withdraw your earnings by navigating to “My Account” and then “Withdrawals.”

A minimum redemption of $10 is reasonable for a paid survey website.

That instance, services like InboxDollars impose a minimum withdrawal of $30, which is outrageous. However, popular survey companies such as Survey Junkie need only $5, and Swagbucks and Grindabuck provide rewards starting at $1.

The absence of direct deposit is a minor disadvantage, as is the inability to redeem numerous free gift cards.

However, because PayPal currency may be used to transfer dollars to your bank account or to purchase online, the lack of reward variation isn't a significant disadvantage.

KashKick Pros and Cons

If you're still confused whether KashKick is worth it, here is a brief pros and drawbacks list to help you decide…

KashKick Pros

KashKick Pros

In general, Kashkick is not a lucrative side hustle opportunity, which is the primary disadvantage to bear in mind.

Kashkick is not for you if you're looking for genuine strategies to diversify your monthly revenue.

However, if you want to make tiny sums of PayPal cash in your leisure time by experimenting with a new survey website, Kashkick is worth a go.

KashKick - Final Thoughts

KashKick is a relatively new method of earning an income online. It enables you to earn money by completing surveys, watching movies, and doing activities. Additionally, KashKick has a low payment threshold of just $10. Additionally, you can download the KashKick app on your iPhone or Android device to make money while on the move and pay out using PayPal.

KashKick FAQ

Hopefully these FAQs address any last concerns you have about Kashkick

Anyone who lives in the US, UK, Canada, or Australia and has a valid Paypal account can use Kashkick.

You must also be at least 18 years old to use the platform.

Don’t try to use Kashkick with a VPN since this is a surefire way to get banned, as with other survey sites.

No, there is no KashKick mobile app available at the moment.

Yes, Kashkick is a legit site that actually pays you real money for completing surveys, playing games, and completing offers.

There are no scams affiliated with the site, and there are positive user reviews and payment proof online.

However, many users state it takes a long time to reach $10 to cash out. This doesn’t mean Kashkick is a scam, but it’s a major downside you should keep in mind.

Kashkick just asks for your email address and to create a password when you sign up.

You have to answer a demographic questionnaire to complete your profile, but you don’t need to add banking information and anything besides your PayPal email address.

Kashkick is a safe site, but again, it isn’t a super high-paying side hustle.

Many paid Kashkick surveys between $0.75 to $2, so you can likely make $10 to $50 per month with Kashkick if you answer enough surveys. Paid offers pay much more than surveys however, so you can make more with this rewards platform if you’re willing to complete these offers.

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