eSurveyBox Review – Worth It or Not? (Complete Guide)

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eSurveyBox, in my perspective, is unremarkable. As a result, it does not provide a compelling incentive to sign up. It lacks earning options, which is unexpected for a GPT site.

eSurveyBox is a website that advertises the ability to share your ideas and receive prizes for doing so. As it appears to be straightforward, you may believe it is worthwhile of your time. However, before you click the sign-up button, I recommend reading this eSurveyBox review.

There are several websites that advertise this type of opportunity, and some of them are fraudulent. Therefore, it is critical that we first determine whether eSurveyBox is legitimate or a fraud. This evaluation will accomplish that goal and more.

It will reveal the entire truth about what the site has to offer, allowing you to evaluate whether or not membership is a good idea. Therefore, let us take a deeper look at eSurveyBox.

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What is eSurveyBox and what does it offer?

eSurveyBox is a Get-Paid-To (GPT) service that pays you to complete surveys and perform little activities. It is a legitimate GPT site, as you will be compensated for completing surveys and simple tasks.

That is not, however, a true indication of whether or not this site is worthwhile. To determine that, we must first examine the earning opportunities available on the site in order to have a better understanding of how it operates. Additionally, you will have a better understanding of how much money you may earn from this site.

Thus, here is how to get money using eSurveyBox.

Option 1 – eSurveyBox Paid surveys

Responding to paid surveys is one method to make money on our site. It's worth noting, though, that eSurveyBox does not conduct its own paid surveys. Rather than that, it relies on third-party survey providers such as PeanutLabs to conduct paid surveys to its subscribers.

One way to earn from this site is to answer paid surveys offered by their partners.

Simply log on to the site and pick the Panel option in the upper right-hand corner to access their paid surveys. After that, you'll see something similar to the image above.

Then, simply click on the survey you wish to respond to. When you do so, you will be led to the survey page, where you will be asked to enter basic profile information.

Following that, you'll be required to answer a series of qualifying questions. If you qualify, you will be able to participate in the real survey. If you do not qualify, the procedure ends there and you must simply go on to the next open survey.

When you successfully finish the survey, you will receive the guaranteed incentive.

However, it is possible that the prize will not be applied to your account immediately. Therefore, do not be worried if you did not immediately receive your prize. Within 24 to 48 hours, it should appear in your account.

Option 2 – eSurveyBox Offerwalls

Additionally, you may make money from eSurveyBox by working on their offerwalls.

If you're unfamiliar with offerwalls, they're rather popular on GPT sites. They are essentially in-site advertising systems that use sponsored offers to promote certain websites and mobile apps.

offerwalls of
You can also work on their offerwalls and complete paid offers to earn more rewards.

The first thing that struck me about their offerwalls is their scarcity. There are just three available. That is an extremely low amount for a GPT site. Typically, you'll see between 10 and 20 offerwalls at any one moment on truly worthwhile GPT sites. As a result, don't expect to receive prizes on a daily basis, as there aren't many offerwalls accessible.

To make money from an offerwall, simply click on the one you wish to work on. It will launch a new browser tab with a list of all available paid offers. These compensated offers typically require you to complete surveys or quizzes, download mobile applications, view videos, or register for a particular website or app.

Each offer will specify the prize associated with fulfilling it. As a result, you'll have an easy time determining which offers to prioritize. When you see an offer you'd want to work on, simply click it to view the instructions.

Ascertain that you've read and comprehended the offer's requirements, as missing even one step will prevent you from completing the offer and receiving the prize.

When you successfully finish the deal, you will receive the guaranteed reward. However, occasionally, you will not receive the prize immediately.

Do not be frightened if this occurs. Simply keep a record of it and check periodically to see if the prize has been credited. If a few days have passed and your account has not been charged, you should contact our support staff (I will discuss later how to do this).

How do you get paid?

Each paid survey or offer that you complete earns you a set amount of points. You can then convert the points you’ve earned into various gift cards or you can convert them into cash via PayPal.

reward options of

Bear in mind, however, that gift cards are only accessible in certain countries. PayPal would be the universal payment mechanism.

To get your money via PayPal, you must earn a minimum of 15,000 points, which is equivalent to $15. That, in my perspective, is a really high bar. As a result, you'll need to exercise extreme patience. For gift card rewards, a minimum of 5,000 points is required, and each point is worth $5.

In general, their payment mechanism is rather straightforward. However, the withdrawal barrier for PayPal is extremely high. As a result, you will not be able to withdraw your money as soon as you thought.

If you're looking for sites that allow you to swiftly withdraw your winnings, I'd recommend checking out the quickest paying sites instead.

How much money can you make?

The amount you can earn from a GPT site will usually depend on three things: the amount of time you are willing to spend on it, how well the site pays, and how many earning opportunities are available.

Obviously, you have control over the first item, but not over the other two. Therefore, let me state categorically that the site does not pay well. Typically, you will receive between 100 and 300 points for each survey you complete.

This equates to between $0.1 and $0.3 each survey. Paid offers, on the other hand, pay much less than surveys. As a result, the reward rate is not as high as it is on many other sites. In terms of earning chances, for a GPT site, eSurveyBox really offers a limited number of methods to earn, which is quite unexpected.

As a result, I would argue that the site has a very poor earning potential in general. You will have to wait a long period before you can withdraw your winnings.

Can you use it on mobile?

eSurveyBox does not have a mobile application available for download. However, you will be able to visit their site using a mobile web browser on a mobile device.

Their website is mobile-friendly, so you should have no difficulty navigating it. Additionally, you are not need to zoom in to read all of the material.

This enables you to conveniently access deals that are only available on mobile devices, since they will need the installation of mobile applications. That, in my view, is the greatest section of the site.

Who can join eSurveyBox?

eSurveyBox is currently only available in a limited number of countries. If you attempt to register, you will get a list of countries in which it is available.

If your nation is not listed, the site is not available in your country. However, if it is, you only need to complete the registration form.

You will earn 200 points by completing your profile.

After completing the registration form, you will be prompted to update your profile. The benefit of this is that upon completion of the profile, you will get 200 points ($0.2). Additionally, you will earn 200 bonus points as a welcome gift. As a result, you will get a total of 400 points simply for joining up.

It's not much, but it allows you to earn free points, which you will undoubtedly need to surpass PayPal's high barrier.

Can you get eSurveyBox support?

If you have any issues concerning the site or your account, we recommend that you first consult their FAQ page. It covers the majority of the essential information regarding the site.

However, if you are unable to locate the answers or are experiencing difficulties with prizes not being credited, you may contact their support staff. Simply click on the “Contact” link at the bottom of their website to access their contact form. Simply complete the required fields. Alternatively, you may send an email to with your concern.

In general, I'd say the site has a reasonable support system in place for its members, since it gives several methods for contacting their support team.

eSurveyBox Pros and Cons

eSurveyBox Pros

  • Offers payment via PayPal
  • SSL encrypted
  • Their site is mobile-friendly
  • The average survey length is 5-20 minutes
  • Low minimum withdrawal threshold of 5,000 points ($5)

eSurveyBox Cons

  • Limited earning opportunities offered
  • Low rewards

eSurveyBox Reviews: Is eSurveyBox Legit?

At the moment, eSurveyBox customer reviews are not available on well-known review systems such as Trustpilot or G2.

The platform, on the other hand, has a trust score of 100 out of 100 from a respectable source called ScamAdviser. This indicates that eSurveyBox is a genuine business in which you can place your faith.

After all, the platform performs as advertised; it compensates you for sharing your opinion on a variety of topics and products via online surveys. Additionally, it allows you to exchange your profits for gift cards.

eSurveyBox Review Verdict: Is eSurveyBox Worth it?

eSurveyBox is a legitimate online research panel that pays you to do anonymous surveys. Join the eSurveyBox community and begin collecting points to redeem for a gift card of your choice — options range from eBay, Amazon, iTunes, and many more.

On average, eSurveyBox questionnaires take 5 and 20 minutes to complete and earn you anywhere from $1 to $5. The actual value of a survey is determined by its complexity, which is detailed in the survey brief.

Additionally, you may recommend friends to boost your earning potential.

eSurveyBox FAQ

No, it doesn't cost you a penny. Our online community panel is 100% free. Brands and market research companies pay us to carry out surveys and we in turn pay you for filling them out.

We need to collect information about you in order to place you in the most relevant community panel. For example, we won't send you an online survey for female if you are a male. All of the basic information we need is included in the registration form.

Surveys vary in length. In general a survey takes between 5 and 20 minutes to complete. We will always include a time estimate in the survey panel.

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