ESFaucet Review 2022: Complete Guide


Rating: 3,50
Operator: Euryalos Studios
Country: Canada Canada
Language: English
Start: 2019
Ref-Commision: 1 level (20%)
Micro Wallet: Faucetpay
Claim Time (in min): 30 min.
Earnings: Middle
Captcha: Yes
Payout: automatically
Payout-Limit: depends on the cryptocurrency
Currencies: Bitcoin Bitcoin, Bitcoin CashBitcoin Cash,Dash Dash, Doge Doge, Ethereum Ethereum, Litecoin Litecoin, Ripple Ripple, Stellar Stellar, Tron Tron, Zcash Zcash

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Pros and Cons for ESFaucet

PTCO.BTCNewz provides a Faucet and several additional ways to earn Cryptocurrency. To begin, the site's design is unique. Whether you like it or not. The site is a total jumble, and I have no idea how it works in its entirety. You may earn Bitcoins by watching advertisements if you signup. Additionally, you have a Dashboard and other features, but the navigation is abysmal. However, if you visit their website at, you'll find a different Dashboard with other ways to earn Bitcoin. It's an odd system, and I'm not sure why they created it this way, but it's quite difficult to browse and locate things.

However, the owner of the faucet and other cryptocurrency-related initiatives appears to be based in Canada; the company is called Euryalos Studios – indie/arcade game development. It was established in 2019. At least, it is what we discovered during our investigation. And it appears as though they have been paying users from the faucet's inception.

Additionally, it displays an absurd amount of advertisements when in use. When you click something, pop-ups, videos, and other obnoxious advertisements are displayed. ESFaucet requires much adjustment; it is quite intricate and difficult to grasp, especially for novices. ESFaucet is somewhat ahead of similar initiatives such as Firefaucet or Coinpot.

How to earn Bitcoin at ESFaucet / PTCO.BTCNewz

To begin, their Faucet allows you to claim a variety of various cryptocurrencies. Apart from Bitcoin, you may also claim Ethereum, Litecoin, and a variety of other cryptocurrencies. Additionally, you can claim ES-Coins. It is a Token that is utilized on the ES-Faucets and may be used to purchase various bonuses. This is NOT a digital money. The most effective approach to learn how to utilize ES Coins is to watch a well-made video. It's strange, because the video is excellent and properly produced, yet the site is the polar opposite. If you want to read about ES Coins rather than watch the movie, you may do so by visiting their FAQ page.

What is EsCoin?

Their Faucet pays poorly and is also cumbersome to use. Due to the abundance of advertisements, it's difficult to locate the relevant “Click me” button (you must scroll down), as several advertisements also have “Click me” buttons.


Apart from the Faucet, you may also earn Bitcoin by participating in their Paid to Click advertisements. They are reasonably priced, and the advantage is that you are not required to keep the ad in focus. That implies you can do other things in the meantime. The significant disadvantage is that after each advertisement, you must complete an obnoxious captcha. That is extremely time intensive and complicates the process.

The minimum withdrawal amount for Bitcoin is merely 11000 Satoshis, which is fantastic. If you want to send money to Coinbase, there is no cost. You must pay a 10% charge to Faucetpay, 5% to Express Crypto, and 25000 Satoshis to another Bitcoin wallet. That is ludicrous, and if you want to utilize PTCO.BTCNewz, you must use Coinbase; otherwise, you will lose a significant amount of money upon withdrawing.

ESFaucet Offers Upgrades with ES Coins

Although the revenues are fairly minimal, they may be upgraded with ES Coins. You may purchase a variety of items in their marketplace. For instance, you can temporarily stop Pop-Ups and some other obnoxious advertisements. To be honest, that is really stupid. You must utilize their site with these highly obnoxious advertisements to earn ES Coins in order to temporarily block part of the advertisements in order to gain further ES Coins and a few Bitcoin. That is a ridiculous notion. Of course, Faucets require advertising to live, but if you are unable to use the site effectively due to constant Pop Ups or Video Overlays, it is just not enjoyable to use.

You may also purchase further Upgrades, although they are hardly worth your time. Simply claim Bitcoins and other Cryptocurrencies if you use ESFaucet.

They also have a few more websites, none of which are really noteworthy. According to their Facebook profile, the firm behind ESFaucet / PTCO-BTCNewz is named Euryalos Studios, and they describe themselves as a small independent gaming and software development studio. The only thing that makes them stand out is their YouTube account. Several of their films are quite well-made, with extremely nice voices. However, some other videos are really difficult to see due to the background music being nearly as loud as the speech. We have no clue why their films are of such varying quality, but if you're interested in learning more about Bitcoin, feel free to check out their Youtube account.

Change your membership status ESFaucet

You may also upgrade your membership level on ESFaucet for an additional fee. There are a total of seven levels, ranging from Free through Gold to Onyx. For instance, each level provides a greater bonus when “claiming” We do not advocate it; it is only worthwhile if you have a large number of accounts with numerous referrals; it is not necessary on a modest scale. Above all, there is always the possibility that a website will become unavailable tomorrow, in which case you would have lost everything. As a result, exercise caution with premium subscriptions; we normally advise against them.

Does ESFaucet have a referral program?

Of course, ESFaucet gives anything in exchange for your referrals. You earn 20% commission on any claim made as a result of your referral. Your referral does not earn less; you receive it straight from ESFaucet as a bonus. Additionally, they provide banner advertisements if you like to promote them on your blog. Several of these advertisements are quite well-made and visually appealing.

ESFaucet for advertisers

As is the case with the majority of Faucet scripts, ES Faucets allows for self-promotion. You may either pay something in or utilize your accrued credit to do so. You can book Impression Ads, Paid To Clicks, and Youtube Videos using ESFaucet. However, you should understand the regulations in advance; otherwise, some content may not be marketed, which we believe is a good thing.

ESFaucet / PTCO.BTCNewz - Final Thoughts

ESFaucet is not a time waster. Earnings range from low to moderate, the site is a little too cluttered with advertisements, and it's not very user-friendly. It's not enjoyable to claim from their Faucet, and the profits are much too minimal as a result. However, everything is operational, and they have paid out customers over the previous two years (as seen by several payment proofs on various web sites), thus we believe it makes sense to utilize ESFaucet / PTCO.BTCNewz.

The proprietors appear to be game and software developers, and while I cannot say whether they are competent in their field, it is evident that they are not proficient in web design. Their Youtube Channel demonstrates that they are capable of producing some excellent films, and they should continue to do so. At the moment, their Crypto Faucet appears to have been developed with little regard for usability.

ESFaucet FAQ

ESFaucets are easy to use applications and web interfaces for users to use to regularly earn cryptocurrency.

Yes, every time someone signs up using your referral code, found in the profile section. You and the user both receive 2500 ES-Coin and you get 20% of referred user claims For Life. ;). What are you waiting for start referring.

ESCoin is an internal coin developed for use on ESFaucets with many Bonuses, functions, and utilities. It is NOT an investment coin, the price of the coin doesn't fluctuate or increase, it is just set to a specific value. We might move that value around to better accommodate some features on the faucet.

Some of the uses of ESCoins are listed below, with many more to be added in the future. We are also always looking for creating functions for ESCoins so feel free to contact us with any ideas. 

ESCoins Functions/Bonuses: 

  • ESCoins Holding bonus 
  • Claim Weekly bonus
  • Additional weekly bonus based on ESCoins holding
  • Ability to pay fees with ESCoins 
  • Reduce withdrawal fees
  • Stable coin on the website 
  • Use to purchase bonuses on the website 
  • Give Valuable opinion through poll using ESCoins
  • Exchange to all other coins on the faucet website.

*Please Note: ESCoins are not a cryptocurrency/ coin on the blockchain, it is something developed internally to be used on the website. The main purpose was to reward users and give them something extra to benefit and thank for using our faucet. 

ESCoins can be earned several ways 

  1. Using ESCoins faucet
  2. Purchased through different payment method available
  3. Exchanged to ESCoins from other coins
  4. Completing ESCoins Offers 
  5. You can mine ESCoins that can be exchanged to any other coin as well
  6. Weekly bonus (when ESCoin is the coin selected for bonus)
  7. Newsletter bonus (When ESCoin is the bonus coin) 
  8. Different Contests

ESCoin bonus is a way to give a bonus to ESCoin Holders; Depending on the amount of ESCoins you hold, you receive more bonus per faucet claim. The Table below explains the ESCoins requirement to attain the bonus percentage. 


LevelESCoin RequirementPercentage Bonus

To get your earned coins, you must first withdraw your coin. Press the withdraw button in the dashboard under the coin name and input your address (make sure to double check as it cannot be changed later) and then press the withdraw button. Your coins wil

Our payment system should ensure that you have your coins in a maximum of 48-72 hours. We must ensure all of the withdrawals authenticity before sending out the withdrawals. If it has been more than a week and you have not received your withdrawal please

We support all Official coin wallets and the ones that are on the actual blockchain. Coinbase email addresses are supported for the coins coinbase supports (All except digibyte and dogecoin).
Microwallets (coinpot, faucethub) are not supported.

A withdrawal tag/memo are used usually for exchanges (e.g binance).
Stellar and ripple also use withdrawal tags/memos for their accounts.
When you need to input a deposit address, your wallet will offer it to you, whenever it is displayed, please do not forget to input it into the area, or else your balance could be lost.

If your withdrawal fails, it could be due to many reasons, the reason will be stated alongside in the status column.
Once a withdrawal fails, do not worry, we make sure that your balance is provided back to you in your account.
If your withdrawal fails with the reason being Security Check, This means that your withdrawal did not pass our security measures and the coins were not obtained in a fair way. If you think this is wrongly done, please contact us, and we will try to sort this out as best as we can.

It is a special bonus for all of our Es-coin holders given on a weekly basis. You must be level 1 ESCoins holder to receive it, and the higher level you are the more bonus you receive.

NO!, this is a big NO NO, and anyone found to be doing anything that gives them a unfair advantage over others will be banned, with their balance revoked!

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