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Affiliate programs and banners

On the site we have 2 types of banners that places in 2 different plugin: Stealth Ads and Ad Inserter. Stealth Ads shows banners as *posts* on Recommend section or after article. In Ad Inserter plugin placed simple ads banners. You can see difference on the screenshot below.

crypto ads

How to delete specific program (banners) from your site.

You need to delete it from three plugins: Pretty links, Stealth Ads (if exist) and Ad Inserter. You can see how to do it on video.

How to add specific program (banners) on your site.

  1. Create program in Pretty links plugin
  2. If you want to add banner on Stealth Ads sections on the site then create it as on video.
  3. For Ad inserter we have different tabs with different banners sizes. Find tab with banners size that you need and just copy and paste exist banners. Then change links to program and image to new. You can see that process on video.