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MXED is a dropshipping solution app designed after the collaboration between Hingeto, an Oakland based dropship platform, and Bioworld.





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What is MXED?

MXED is a dropshipping solution software developed in partnership with Hingeto, a dropship platform located in Oakland, and Bioworld.

MXED is the solution if you are an e-commerce operator that is unable to sell branded and pop culture items due to rigorous licensing regulations.

Previously, popular video game franchises and movies were selective about where their products should be sold. Any e-commerce firm needs a great deal of authorization and a license in order to sell it to interested clients.

What MXED does is provide a varied assortment of famous and official items to different Shopify businesses. The catalog has collections of video games, superheroes, and famous television series. Without storing it, you may sell it directly to the consumer.

Who can use MXED?

You can utilize MXED if you’ve just launched your e-commerce firm and are eager to succeed. The software functions similarly to that of other dropship vendors.

If you are the owner of a Shopify store, your customer’s order will be instantly passed to MXED and handled exclusively by them. MXED will send orders to clients on your behalf.

MXED Features

MXED offers a diverse selection of popular stocks from prominent properties such as Warner Bros, Marvel, Nickelodeon, Nintendo, Lucasfilms, and DC.


There are relatively few vendors offering such a diverse assortment of licensed pop culture products.

MXED is well-known for its high-quality items and dependable fulfillment services for all Shopify shops.

Automatic order fulfillment

When a consumer places an order with your store, the MXED app immediately begins packing, shipping, and delivering the item within 3-5 business days. You are not needed to contribute anything. Additionally, MXED provides a prompt logistical service.

Zero inventory cost

Hingeto and Bioworld handle all the processes in collaboration, and it ensures that your business never faces problems regarding managing inventories. Previously, the majority of e-commerce firms encountered difficulties managing large inventory.

Easy Shopify app integration

When you combine MXED with your Shopify shop, you automate the whole process. With a few clicks, you can rapidly add items, track client orders, and connect with them.

Your business will function more smoothly as a result of the MXED software, which eliminates errors and missing order information.

Automatic inventory and pricing updates

The MXED team is constantly updating the app’s inventory and price information. As a result, you will receive rapid notifications on product availability and pricing changes, ensuring that no orders are unfilled and that you maintain the appropriate profit margin.

MXED Special Benefits

Benefits of MXED
  • When your business interacts with the MXED app, the order fulfillment process becomes much more efficient. You must choose the product and advertise it to your consumers. MXED will also manage the manufacturing process, shipping, and logistics once you place an order.
  • MXED offers a variety of product categories, including backpacks, t-shirts, and caps. As a result, you may expand your firm financially with an unlimited number of goods.
  • You must first determine your target customer’s need and then select brands based on their preferences. To earn rapid income, you must curate the product list.
  • When you choose the advanced plan, there are no restrictions on the kind of products you can offer through your store.
  • MXED’s capabilities enable businesses to curate their product brand list, whether it’s from a video game or a television program; you can do it all with a single click.

MXED Pricing Plans

MXED offers three different options from which you may pick based on your specific requirements. Each plan includes a variety of features and services, but the most basic is completely free.

Basic Plan

The pricing of this plan is $0 per month, in which you will get access to 10 products and 20 orders.

Pro Plan

This package is priced at $49 per month. Which will provide you with access to 250 goods and 500 orders.

Expert Plan

This subscription is $99 a month and includes early access to new features, 500 goods, unlimited orders, as well as numerous users and messaging.

The best part of MXED’s pricing plans is that you may try them all out for free for a limited period before deciding to purchase.

To learn more about this, visit their official website, where you can get extensive information about their prices, services, and programs.

MXED Pros and Cons

If you’re still confused whether MXED is worth it, here is a brief pros and drawbacks list to help you decide…




Hopefully these FAQs address any last concerns you have about MXED.

MXED is the dropshipping platform for online entrepreneurs who cannot sell pop-culture and branded merchandise to their users. MXED app easily allows you to sell branded merchandise and officially licensed pop-culture products within your Shopify store.

Currently, the MXED app only supports the Shopify store. If Shopify does not power your online store, you can quickly contact to get them to know that you need integration opportunities.

Once you download the MXED app, Shopify directly sends you a login. Follow the below, mentioned steps to access your MXED App Dashboard.
1. Log in to your Shopify account
2. Click on the Apps link
3. Select the “MXED – Sell Official Pop Culture Merch” link on the apps page.

To add MXED products to your online Shopify store, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps:
Login In > Products > Explore > Search > Hover Products > Add to Shopify

MXED- Final Thoughts - Is it Worth using MXED?

If you operate an e-commerce firm and are having a difficult time selling your branded and pop culture items, the MXED APP is just what you need.

It’s difficult to sell the Harry Potter and Star Wars properties owing to legal complications, but with MXED, you no longer have to worry because it enables you to go forward!

MXED software assures that your business only offers legally licensed and accessible items, removing any risk associated with inventory management, management, and purchasing.

Entrepreneurs can swiftly sell legally licensed pop culture products thanks to the app’s promising service and features.

To summarize, if you are an online retailer interested in selling pop-culture products through your e-commerce site, you should give MXED a try immediately, since we have included all price information to make the process easier for you!

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