Bad Bunny Net Worth: Early Life, Career, & Personal Life

Bad Bunny is an 86-million-dollar Puerto Rican rapper, singer, and composer.

Bunny has risen to prominence at a breakneck pace in a relatively short period of time. In 2020, Bad Bunny was the world’s most streamed musician, with his tracks totaling 8 billion streams. Although his music is often classed as “Latin rap” or reggaeton, he has also experimented with rock, bachata, and soul. Bad Bunny is well-known for his slurred vocal delivery and eccentric sense of style.

Bad bunny fame
Full Name Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio
Net Worth
$86 Million
28 years old
March 10, 1994
Birth Place
Almirante Sur, Vega Baja, Puerto Rico
Relationship Status
Single (probably)
Source of Wealth:
Rapper, Composer, Record producer, Singer-songwriter
Relationship Status
Last Updated:

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Bad Bunny Early life

Benito Antonio Martnez was born on March 10th, 1994 in the Vega Baja neighborhood of Almirante Sur. Benito’s earliest exposure to music came from his mother, who played salsa, merengue, and ballads as he grew up. Benito, who was raised alongside two younger brothers, subsequently remarked that he preferred to remain at home with his family rather than out with friends.

Bad Bunny was raised in a devout Catholic family and sung in the choir till the age of thirteen. Although he left the choir, he was instantly influenced by singers such as Daddy Yankee. He eventually began performing in front of his fellow middle school pupils. He acquired the stage moniker “Bad Bunny” at this moment in reference to an old photograph of him with a furious look while being forced to wear a bunny suit as a youngster.

As a bashful high school student, Benito produced freestyle raps and performed them in front of his classmates as a joke. He also developed an interest in skateboarding and professional wrestling during this time period. Despite getting a variety of different pieces of advise on his post-secondary possibilities, Bad Bunny was certain that he wanted to pursue a career in music after graduating. He attended at the University of Puerto Rico after graduating from high school and studied multimedia communication.

Bad Bunny Net Worth and Career in Music

Bad Bunny was working as a bagger at a grocery store in 2016, while also attending university and creating music on SoundCloud. DJ Lucian eventually took note of his song “Diles” and signed him to the record label Hear this Music. Bad Bunny then teamed up with a production team called the Mambo Kingz, who were immediately taken aback by Bunny’s distinctive sound and fashion sense.

Over the next few years, Bad Bunny charted many singles in the top 10 on the Latin Charts. Bad Bunny eventually became one of the top performers in Latin America’s trap industry, owing to his tremendous streaming statistics and hundreds of millions of views on YouTube. Songs such as “Soy Peor,” “Krippy Kush,” and “Ahora Me Llama” aided in his mainstream success.

(Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images)

He acquired further contracts and began appearing on television in 2017. Additionally, Bad Bunny collaborated extensively with Latin musicians like as J Balvin, Prince Royce, and Ozuna. With the release of “I Like It.” in 2018, he made his first foray into English-language music. Cardi B appears on the single, and Bunny raps in English, Spanglish, and Spanish. “I Like It” became his first chart-topper, and it spawned another duet with Drake, “Mia.”

Bad Bunny was preparing to release his debut studio album in 2018. This occurred shortly after he left Hear This Music and signed with Rimas Entertainment, as his prior label refused to participate in the production process and also blocked Bunny from releasing an album. “X 100pre” garnered favorable reviews from reviewers, and he subsequently toured widely.

Bad Bunny then released “Oasis,” in partnership with J Balvin in 2019. He played at Coachella that year. Bunny released “YHLQMDLG” in 2020, following his appearance at the Super Bowl halftime show. “YHLQMDLG” is an abbreviation for “Yo hago lo que me da la gana.” Critics lauded his variety, and he followed up with a third album later that year, which surprised a lot of people. Bad Bunny created songs about seclusion, quarantine, and anxiety during the Covid-19 crisis.

Bad Bunny Relationships

Gabriela Berlingeri and Bad Bunny met in 2017 while dining with his family at a restaurant. The duo began dating, and Gabriela became increasingly involved in his artistic and professional development over the next four years. She assisted him with the recording of “Te Guste” by providing scratch vocals, and she also shot him for the “Rolling Stone.” cover. Berlingeri, Bad Bunny has remarked, provides him with intimate emotional support during a moment “when I needed it most.”

Bad bunny with his girlfriend
Bad Bunny with Gabriela Berlingeri

Bad Bunny Highlights

Here are some of the best highlights of Bad Bunny’s career: 

  • Soy Peor (Song, 2016) 
  • El Conejo Malo (Album, 2017)
  • MTV Video Music Award for the Best Song of the Summer (2018) – Won
  • Vete (Song, 2019) 
  • Oasis (Album, 2019) 

Favorite Quotes from Bad Bunny

“I’ve always been surrounded by many great people and professors, but my family, especially my mom who was a teacher, was the person who encouraged me to study and pushed me to continue. When we’re young, we don’t understand why our parents bug us so much with school and doing homework, but it’s a blessing to have that support at home.”

Bad Bunny

“Obviously this song is an achievement for me in my career, but what makes me really feel good is to make Latinos feel proud. To provoke that pride that a pop figure and someone so big in music globally like Drake would sing with me completely in Spanish and create this hit ‘MIA.’ That’s the best part of it.”

Bad Bunny

“I grew up in a rural area called Vega Baja and I’m the first of so many talented people in this area to make it out. I take great pride to represent where I come from and I am able to show my fans and everyone who listens and watches me, that anything is possible.”

Bad Bunny

3 Life Lessons from Bad Bunny

Now that you know all about Bad Bunny’s net worth, and how he achieved success; let’s take a look at some of the lessons we can learn from him:

1. People Will Criticize You

Some people will appreciate what you do, and there are people that will criticize what you do. 

2. People Change

Money does not change people, people change.

3. The Space Of Change

You don’t have the same mentality as you did five years ago – even one year. People are always changing, and Bad Bunny believes that everyone deserves the space to change and for people to recognize their change.

Bad Bunny Net Worth

As of 2022, Bad Bunny has an estimated net worth of about $86.93 million.

After gaining popularity on SoundCloud while living in Puerto Rico, Bad Bunny signed a record deal and released the breakthrough track “Soy Peor.” He then gained even more notoriety by collaborating with Drake and Cardi B on tracks like “I Like It” and “Mia.” These chart-topping tracks propelled Bad Bunny into the spotlight, and this set the stage for the release of his debut album in 2018, entitled “X 100pre.” He then collaborated with J Balvin to create the album “Oasis,” which contained a number of additional smash hit.

By 2020, Bad Bunny was one of the most popular artists in the world. He performed at the Super Bowl halftime show, and he was also featured on the cover of “Rolling Stone” magazine. Capitalizing on this success, Bad Bunny released his second studio album in 2020, entitled “YHLQMDLG.” He became incredibly productive towards the end of the year, releasing a compilation album and a third album, “El Ultimo Tour Del Mundo.” This latter album made history, as it was the first-ever Spanish-language album to top the US Billboard 200. The popularity of “El Ultimo Tour Del Mundo” was fueled by his number-one single, “Dakiti.”

Bad bunny career

How much does Bad Bunny earn?

Bad Bunny is predicted to make $21.73 million each year.
There is one nagging concern that every Bad Bunny fan has: How much money does Bad Bunny earn?

In the last 30 days, Bad Bunny’s channel has had 362.22 million monthly views and around 12.07 million daily views.

If a channel is monetized by advertisements, it makes money for every 1,000 video views. YouTubers may earn between $3 and $7 per thousand video views on average. If Bad Bunny’s earnings fall within this range, Net Worth Spot calculates that he makes $1.45 million each month, or $21.73 million per year.

$21.73 million per year may be a conservative estimate. On the upper end, Bad Bunny’s annual salary may reach $39.12 million.

Bad Bunny is almost certain to have extra revenue streams. Influencers can create cash by advertising their own goods, securing sponsorships, or earning affiliate commissions.

Why is Bad Bunny so famous?

In the mid-2010s, Bad Bunny began posting music to SoundCloud, where his tracks quickly gained traction and fame. It didn’t take long for him to land a record contract, which occurred while he was working as a grocery bagger.

Since then, Bad Bunny has established himself as a world-renowned artist, and his pseudonym is well-known around the world. He took his combination of Latin trap and reggaeton international, and he is now a household name when it comes to fusing the genre with the music of American musicians.

Bad Bunny initially gained international attention in 2018, when he appeared on Cardi B’s “I Like It,” where he rapped in Spanglish, a mashup of Spanish and English. The song immediately became a smash, rocketing to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 songs list.

Later that year, Drake recognized him as a bankable rapper and enlisted his assistance on another reggaeton-infused hit, “Mia,” which reached at number five on the same chart. Finally, Bad Bunny collaborated with Jennifer Lopez on the tune “Te Gusta,” which has almost 100 million views on YouTube and over 20 million listens on Spotify.

Bad Bunny’s chart success improves with each subsequent release, as his first album, X 100pre, debuted at number 11 on the Billboard 200, while his collaborative album with fellow reggaeton rapper J Balvin, Oasis, peaked at number nine.

And despite the fact that 2020 is nearly universally regarded as an apocalyptic year, Bad Bunny had a notable year, as his sophomore record, YHLQMDLG, was his highest charting effort to date, hitting at number two on the Billboard 200. He was featured on the July cover of Playboy. Apart from the magazine’s founder, Hugh Hefner, Bad Bunny is the first guy to feature on the cover of a Playboy magazine.

YHLQMDLG has since become the best selling Spanish album ever in the US, and it didn’t end there. The rapper doubled down on his 2020 success by performing at the Super Bowl LIV halftime show, which was headlined by Shakira and Jennifer Lopez.

He then produced the COVID-19-themed single “En Casita” and dropped a surprise album titled Las Que No Iban A Salir, which translates as “The ones who were not going to come out.” Though billed as a follow-up to his second album, the CD contains unfinished recordings and songs that were completed but abandoned.

What Made Ban Bunny So Successful?

Bad Bunny has been known to combine genres that would not normally go together, since he possesses an ear and musical taste for nearly every genre. Apart from reggaeton pioneers such as Marc Anthony and Daddy Yankee, he drew inspiration from soul, pop, R&B, and even the Bee Gees.

The rapper has indicated interest in producing an album solely comprised of rock music, and he has contemplated doing the same with bachata. The rapper dabbles in garage punk in the song “Tenemos Que Hablar” from his debut album, so anything is possible.

Apart from the musicianship of his work, Bad Bunny has garnered much recognition for his lyrical content. The rapper’s lyrics are the ideal balance of comedy and passion. His songs are densely packed with lyrical content, and bars frequently transition between personal reflections, cultural references, and socially conscious remarks, as Bad Bunny frequently explores LGBTQ acceptance, is unafraid to discuss sexual harassment, and denounces Puerto Rican Governor Ricardo Rossello.

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Bad Bunny albums

To date, Bad Bunny has released four studio albums.

  • X 100pre (2018)
  • Oasis with J Balvin (2019)
  • YHLQMDLG (2020)
  • El Último Tour del Mundo (2020)
Is Bad Bunny retiring?

When Bad Bunny released YHLQMDLG, people speculated that he might retire due to the album’s final track, “<3.” Bad Bunny informs listeners in the lyrics to “<3,” that he intends to retire after one more album. “In nine months I’ll be back and I’ll drop another / So I can retire easy like Miguel Cotto,” he sings in Spanish.

He kept his word and El ltimo Tour del Mundo was released precisely nine months later, practically to the day. However, he has stated that the Covid-19 epidemic has made him understand that he is not prepared to give up music, thus we may look for new music from the Puerto Rican musician.

Bad Bunny FAQ

Bad Bunny released his first album as Diles.

Presently, Bad Bunny is dating Gabriela Berlingeri.

There is no information about Bad Bunny’s brother.

University of Puerto Rico and studied audiovisual communication

Mrs. Lysaurie Ocasio Declet

Bad Bunny - Summary

Bad Bunny is a well-known Puerto Rican reggaeton and trap performer.

He is widely regarded as the finest trap artist of his time. Though his tracks are mostly in Latin or Spanish, Bad Bunny has been included in songs by world-renowned performers such as Enrique Iglesias.

Additionally, Bad Bunny is well-known on social media.

As of 2022, Bad Bunny’s net worth is estimated to be about $86 million.

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